Limble CMMS Wins 2 Awards In The Maintenance Management Software Category From Directory for Business Software

Limble CMMS wins 2 awards

In the recent months, we were in touch with several top sites that have a maintenance management software category to see if they would like to review and feature Limble CMMS in that category.

That is how we got in touch with guys at Finances Online and asked if they would consider adding Limble CMMS to their list of maintenance management software.

After answering a few initial questions and providing them with some basic information, they took a couple of weeks to research and analyze our product in great detail.

And they got back to us with some great news!

We are proud to say that Limble became a winner of 2 prestigious quality certificates – great User Experience Award and Rising Star award.

Rising Star is the award given to new SaaS products that recently got increasingly popular on the market, have very good traction with the customers, and are viewed as an efficient software solution.

Great User Experience Certificate is awarded to products that offer especially good user experience and it is based on interface design, intuitiveness of available features, and how easy it is to start using the product.

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We have to admit, it always feels good when a team that has reviewed hundreds of great software solutions recognizes your efforts?

We are especially proud that they noticed how intuitive Limble is as we put a lot of effort into making our product easy to use and responsive across all mobile devices. And that was quite challenging since we also wanted to implement all reporting capabilities and advanced features any maintenance manager would want to have at his disposal.

We are glad that we didn’t have to compromise and that we were successful in delivering a robust computerized maintenance management software that is easy to use and the team at FinancesOnline recognized that in their review.

If you want to dive deeper into their Limble CMMS review, click on the link and see what else they had to say about us!

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