Limble’s flexible and easy-to-use CMMS helps build a maintenance infrastructure for the assets at the core of C-Innovation’s business model.

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C-Innovation provides marine services for subsea projects of all types around the world.  Much of their business supports oil and gas projects and they have emerged as a global leader in Riserless Light Well Intervention and Inspection, Maintenance & Repair Services.  Their fleet of complex, state-of-the-art equipment such as ROVs (remotely operated vehicles) and AUVs (autonomous underwater vehicles), are foundational to their business model. Operating and maintaining them well is crucial to their success.

The Challenge

C-innovation initially based its maintenance program strictly on OEM manual recommendations with simple checklists and spreadsheets. After growing that system into a Microsoft Access database built in-house, they realized their needs were only going to grow in scope and complexity. 

Michael MacMillan, Operations Manager for C-Innovation, knew that efficiency was key. Because C-Innovation works with their clients on a per-project basis, the faster their assets are back in the water and functioning after maintenance or repair, the better. In addition, connectivity to real-time data was essential for management who remained on land. 

They knew they needed a CMMS system to help organize their asset management, and it needed some specific features: 

  • A stable partnership with an established company
  • Reliable service from anywhere in the world
  • Access to real-time data and reporting
  • A simple user interface that would make using the system fast and easy

The Solution

Michael was impressed by Limble’s simple user interface that would allow his team to customize the system in whatever way they needed — without having to work with software teams to build it out.  Limble provided a great foundation that they were able to turn into a robust and effective repository of maintenance information they could grow over time.

“It was an easy transition for us. Once we started to implement it, our off-shore team realized they had the ability to add whatever they needed. As the subject matter experts, their additions were crucial.”

Michael MacMillan, Operations Manager

The Result

The team at C-Innovation has been able to build upon the asset information in their maintenance plans over time with great detail.  Now, they have one centralized platform for all their maintenance instructions from various sources and historical data. And with over 500 maintenance items per ROV system, prioritization of parts and tasks has added a lot of value and efficiency.

It has reinforced the focus on preventive maintenance for them as well. With every task, failure, or repair that gets logged in Limble, they are better informed about how to stay ahead and keep their fleets operational at all times.

“Limble has added value to what we do. It has allowed us to understand what our maintenance looks like as a whole, not just on a weekly or monthly basis, but on a minute-by-minute basis. Not only can we see it in real-time but we can react in real-time as well.”

Michael MacMillan, Operations Manager

Custom dashboards have also been a huge success. Reports that show activity overnight provide staff, management, and even clients piece of mind. The company has even received positive feedback on their use of Limble directly from their clients. 

Given the complexity, sensitivity, and specialized nature of the equipment at the core of C-innovation’s business, efficient maintenance is critical. By maximizing the time assets spend in the water doing their jobs, Limble helps C-Innovation fulfill its mission to be the most efficient and reliable ROV company in the market.

“Looking back, I wish it was a decision we had made sooner!”

Michael MacMillan, Operations Manager

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