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Transitioning from Reactive to Preventive Maintenance with a Low-Friction CMMS

Ron McDowell Maintenance Manager
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The Company 

The Sanctuary at False Cape is made up of 250 ocean-front condominiums in Virginia Beach.  Although only 15 years old, the year-round exposure to sun, sea, storms, and salt has quickly deteriorated the property. After the generators failed to provide power during hurricanes, the board voted to restore the facility to its former glory.

The Problem 

Residents had under-invested in maintenance not realizing how quickly the harsh environment would undermine the buildings’ integrity.

The Solution

Limble’s ease of use allowed the maintenance manager to implement an entire preventive maintenance strategy in just two weeks.

The quick turnaround has given the maintenance department the credibility and data needed to convince the owners to invest in specific infrastructure upgrades.

“Limble had a low hurdle for implementation. We were able to create a template for several hundred assets and have that running within two weeks.” —Ron McDowell, Maintenance Manager

The Sanctuary at False Cape Case Study