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Maintenance Saves Lives: The Sanctuary at False Cape

Ron McDowell Maintenance Manager
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The Company:

The Sanctuary at False Cape is made up of 250 ocean-front condominiums in Virginia Beach.  Although only 15 years old, year-round exposure to sun, sea, storms, and salt had quickly deteriorated the property. The facility was facing critical safety issues, but with the help of Limble CMMS they’ve been able to work toward restoration and preventive maintenance.

The Problem

In 2020, The Sanctuary at False Cape went through three major storms in four weeks. They lost power and the generators failed, leaving residents without access to critical amenities, like heat. An inquiry revealed poor maintenance and lack of preparation were to blame.

The Solution

Ron McDowell, a resident, spearheaded a major refurbishment and was hired as Maintenance Manager to ensure the new preventive maintenance plan would be followed. A key part of that was implementing the best CMMS he could find — Limble.

The Sanctuary at False Cape Safety Case Study