What Limble CMMS Customers have to say

Jun 22
Limble is amazing
It has revolutionized the way we handle repairs and upkeep of our assets and facilities. We not only can keep track of work that has been done on each asset, but we are also able to track cost associated... read more

Ethan Closson - Little Giant Ladder Systems
Aug 07
Wow. You guys are amazing...
Your software really one-up's the competition. I've found several with some of the functionality, but much clunkier designs. I reviewed 16 CMMS packages, and yours was an easy choice. Thank you again. Well done... read more

Loren Overby - Sommer Metalcraft
Aug 09
Overall, great service and features
Would HIGHLY recommend. I love the ease of use and the mobile portion of the software. QR codes make it easy for our technicians to create Work Order's. Brian, our adviser has walked us through... read more

Nathan Graeber - Fibernet, Inc.
Jan 14
Limble has changed the way that my team works
We are more efficient and better able to explain expenditures. We can track not only our PM cycles but also the costs associated with them... read more

Benjamin Scott - Facility Manager
Apr 24
We couldn't be happier.
We use Limble as a fleet/asset management tool and we couldn't be happier. The software is simple to use yet boasts a useful complexity if you need it. The company is amazing to work with and is more responsive... read more

Jared Nickle - Owner - United Disposal

Limble Simplifies your Maintenance Operations


Go paperless and ditch excel

Stop trying to track all of your maintenance in mountains of paper documents or Excel sheets.

Limble helps you easily organize all information relevant to your equipment in one easy to use spot.

At a glance you'll know...

  • What work has been done
  • Critical information such as manuals, serial number, warranty information, etc.
  • What that piece of equipment is costing you
  • Critical Maintenance Insights and KPIs
  • And so much more...
CMMS asset management

Automate your PM Scheduling

Stop wasting precious hours manually distributing PM checklists and following up with your team to make sure the work is done.

Limble allows you to easily automate the scheduling process so the right work is delivered at the right time to the right technician for the right piece of equipment.

A well functioning Preventive Maintenance program can...

  • Reduce Equipment Downtime
  • Increase Equipment Life
  • Improve Equipment Performance
  • And so much more...
CMMS asset management

Save you and your team hours of work each week

Through the use of Limble's Android and IOS mobile apps maintenance teams experience better organization, communication, accountability and productivity.

From their handheld device anyone on your maintenance team can:

  • View their assigned Work Orders and PMs
  • Complete Work Orders and PMs while actually doing the work
  • Receive instant notifications when new work is created
  • Start new Work Orders while out in the field
  • Report problems at the actual problem with pictures and text
  • Lookup critical asset information while diagnosing a problem

There is an average gain of 40 min in wrench time per day per technician when electronic work orders accessible by handheld devices replace paper work orders.

Plant Engineering source
mobile CMMS app picture

Get Real-Time Reporting and maintenance insights

Now that everything is being properly tracking you can quickly get a understanding how your maintenance operations are running.

With Limble CMMS's reports you can answer all of the following and more:

  • Has the right maintenance work been done?
  • What is maintenance work costing me?
  • Which asset is costing the most and why?
  • What is my MTTR?
  • What is my MTBF?
  • Where is your maintenance team's time is being spent?
  • How many parts were used and what did it cost?
  • Is maintenance work being done on time?
  • Is more preventive work or unplanned work occurring?
  • And so much more...
CMMS Reports
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