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A powerful CMMS streamlines audits and enables maintenance operations that span Panorama’s entire 3,000-acre resort.

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Panorama Mountain Resort is a ski resort and alpine village in British Columbia that includes almost 3,000 acres of terrain. They offer a plethora of activities for any season including skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, and golfing. Due to their remote location, they maintain their own power utility, vehicle fleet, lifts, snow-making machines, and more. This makes for a great vacation getaway, but can pose diverse challenges for their maintenance team.


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The Challenge

All of Panorama’s maintenance records were either paper-based or in someone’s head. “Nothing, prior to us taking Limble on, was being tracked at all. All of our equipment was being inspected daily, but there was just no central record of it” noted Micah Crawshaw, Mountain Operations Maintenance Coordinator at Panorama.

Their paper-based maintenance system made it difficult – not to mention stressful – to prove their safety compliance when auditors came to do inspections. It also made it hard to keep track of preventive maintenance and impossible to track what work was getting done.

“We want everything to be in one place. We don’t want to manage lots of apps on our devices; we don’t want to manage lots of systems; we just want everything in the one place. Everything — from work, to asset management, to documentation — needs to be central.”

Micah Crawshaw, Mountain Operations Maintenance Coordinator

The Solution

They first tried a maintenance software designed specifically for ski resorts. Crawshaw found that it lacked the flexibility they needed to maintain all of their equipment, not just the ski lifts on the mountain. So they kept looking for a CMMS that could meet all their needs — and they found Limble.

Implementing Limble gave the team accountability, a clear record of completed work, and a preventive maintenance plan that would actually be used.

The Result

Implementing Limble was key for their plans to grow. They are now better able to manage what they have and Limble will be able to expand to meet their needs. 

The ease-of-use, mobility, and intuitive nature of Limble allows them to train even seasonal staff quickly. The team has embraced using it and, because of that, it has helped them keep a good handle on the work completed, the preventive maintenance that needs to be done, and all of the information they’ll need for audits.

“We now have a record of who did what and it’s time-stamped…We can very quickly go back and say, ‘It was done at this day at this time, and thank you very much, Mr. Auditor.’”

Micah Crawshaw, Mountain Operations Maintenance Coordinator

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