The Ins and Outs of Maintenance

CMMS ROI calculator

Every company is trying to do more with less. This is especially true for the maintenance department. If you are a maintenance professional, you know exactly what I am talking about. Management doesn’t want to spend money on anything that doesn’t directly affect the bottom line.

This provides a problem for a maintenance professional who intuitively sees the value of a good CMMS, but doesn’t know how to get his management to approve a new software purchase. However, there is a simple solution⁠ — show your management how much money a CMMS is going to save the company by calculating CMMS ROI (Return on investment).

Maintenance KPI

When you run any type of department, how do you know if you’re doing a good job?

In the maintenance world, the answer to that question is maintenance KPI (Key Performance Indicator) and maintenance performance metrics.

One might think that spending is a crucial thing to look at as top managers seem to only be interested in how much they need to spend on their maintenance departments. However, doing a unilateral analysis based on cost alone doesn’t give you any usable information on the performance of your maintenance team. For that, you need to go much deeper.

Deferred maintenance definition

“Every $1 in deferred maintenance costs $4 of capital renewal needs in the future.”

Contrary to your initial gut reaction, deferred maintenance is a practice with a very useful purpose.

Maintenance managers often work with limited resources (be it budget, time or staff). This means that there are many situations where some maintenance work has to be postponed and put onto maintenance backlog until you resolve higher priority issues.

Spare parts management
Maintenance manager job description

A marketing team needs a marketing manager. A retail store needs a store manager. A maintenance department needs a maintenance manager.

Whenever you have a team of people that needs to be coordinated, someone has to be in charge to delegate and oversee all of the activities. What makes the position of a maintenance manager a bit different is that the scope of their responsibilities is somewhat larger than with your standard managerial role.

mobile maintenance software
Equipment maintenance log

Anyone who is serious about equipment maintenance is constantly on the lookout on how to improve it.

While predictive maintenance and other advanced techniques can certainly help, there is one simple thing that is right in front of your nose and that is rarely utilized to its full potential – an equipment maintenance log.

In this article, we will look at the benefits of having an accurate equipment maintenance log and discuss the best practices on how to keep it that way.

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Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)

In today’s competitive climate, even small improvements can lead to significant benefits to your bottom line. That is especially evident in the manufacturing industry where shaving off a few seconds on one production process or reducing the number of defects for just 1% can bring in tens of thousands of dollars on a monthly basis.

One of the most common measurements used to optimize production is OEE (overall equipment effectiveness).

Corrective maintenance

On this blog, we talked many times about the benefits of being proactive with your maintenance and how to make a switch from reactive to preventive maintenance.

Today, we will take a step back and have a hard look at corrective maintenance. We will discuss what is corrective maintenance, explore its relationship with reactive maintenance, show you how to efficiently incorporate corrective maintenance into your everyday workflow, and wrap things up with a few examples.

Start predictive maintenance program

If someone was trying to convince you NOT to start a predictive maintenance program, they would probably tell you things like:

“It is just too expensive to implement; it is way too complicated; you don’t really need it…”

And while those might be valid concerns for some, they definitely aren’t stopping many organizations that are implementing it as we speak.