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Increased team productivity


Reduced equipment downtime


Reduced labor costs

Invest in CMMS, Invest in Smarter Equipment Maintenance

Join the 50,000 professionals who turned to Limble and maintain the equipment that keeps you growing with state-of-the-art features and productivity tools.

Boost Maintenance Efficiency & Productivity

Effortlessly create a preventive maintenance program with easy-to-build, custom standard operating procedures, maintenance schedules, and more

  • Automate scheduling of preventive maintenance and assign tasks to the right people at the right time
  • Setup user-friendly preventive maintenance templates with SOPs, checklists, photos and moreIncrease uptime (average 37% reduction in downtime)
  • Stay compliant and audit ready

“Just from the difference in cost savings and time usage before and after coming onto Limble – we saved at least 50-60% the first month.” – Michael Bicanic, Facility Manager for Family Health La Clinica

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Streamline Communications

Work smarter with a mobile maintenance app that empowers your maintenance team with access to key features from anywhere

  • Streamlined mobile work order request system that automates workflows and status updates in the field
  • Real-time organization, communication, and access to information with an intuitive mobile app
  • Features such as mapping, offline mode, and QR code scanning that improve productivity from anywhere
Streamline Management of Preventive Maintenance Tasks

“We would arrive there without the appropriate tools and without the appropriate parts. It would take what was already a full day of work and turn it into a multi-day project.” – Michael Bicanic, Facility Manager for Family Health La Clinica

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Simplify Audits

Get complete reporting on all the data you and your leaders care about and confidently inform maintenance decisions

  • Access maintenance history with work order tracking by asset, type, and location from multiple locations
  • Calculate maintenance costs for each asset and track cost of labor
  • Customize dashboards to summarize maintenance information specific to teams and leaders

“Limble had that good combination of being established as well as innovative and user friendly. In order to adopt a program, it needs to be not only effective, but it needs to be friendly enough where everyone can hop on it and be able to pick it up very quickly.” – Michael Bicanic, Facility Manager for Family Health La Clinica

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Make Data-Driven Decisions

Get data on the maintenance work that is costing you most in time and money

  • Easily organize your inventory with barcodes and automatically-tracked inventory levels.
  • Always have what you need in stock
  • Reduce last-minute ordering and over spending

“We had that old tap on the shoulder, sticky note, random email or phone call saying ‘hey we need this or that’ method.” – Michael Bicanic, Facility Manager for Family Health La Clinica

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Preferred Popcorn

Preferred Popcorn saw a 95% reduction of administrative work on-the-go, simplifying documentation and audits by using this powerful mobile app.

95% Reduction in Admin Work

Access Key Information at Your Fingertips

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Why should I use agricultural maintenance software?

Using a maintenance software built for agriculture streamlines processes, reduces errors and downtime, and enables informed, data-driven decisions. It also helps improve inventory management, asset lifespan, and assists in meeting regulatory compliance, thereby enhancing overall productivity and profitability.

What is CMMS software?

CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) software helps businesses manage, automate, and streamline all of their maintenance operations. Learn more about CMMS.

Who uses CMMS software?

CMMS software is used by anyone who manages maintenance — facility managers, operations managers, and asset managers, and more — to manage assets, schedule maintenance, and ensure safety. It is widely employed in industries including manufacturing, education, power & utilities, food & beverage, and many more to maintain infrastructure and manage resources effectively.

Is Limble Mobile CMMS app user friendly?

Limble is consistently rated Easiest-to-Use CMMS on review sites like G2, Capterra, and Software Advice. And our customers agree. With our mobile CMMS app, teams experience 30%+ better productivity, on average, requiring little to no training or ramp-up time. Our CMMS app can travel with your team, no matter where they go! Visit our App Store or Google Play for more information.

Can I connect to other systems?

Limble provides seamless, pre-built CMMS Integrations with the most widely used software systems. That means you won’t need help from a developer or your IT team to get started.. Learn more about our integrations.

How secure is the Limble CMMS platform?

At Limble, our world-class data security practices ensure your account information is safe. We use state-of-the-art technologies and industry best practices to maintain a secure infrastructure, including SOC-II Type II certification, regular penetration testing, and continuous security training for our staff.


All-in-one CMMS for all your Maintenance Needs

Work Orders & Requests

Organize work orders, PMs and other tasks for your entire team. Easy-to-use mobile apps your technicians will actually use.

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Preventive Maintenance Programs

Automate preventive maintenance scheduling, build simple checklists, and analyze team performance and efficiency.

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Asset Management

Intuitive and flexible asset management features make it easy to manage your assets, whether you have 10 or 10 million.

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Spare Parts Inventory

Eliminate the guesswork and reduce the amount of time and money spent searching and managing your parts inventory.

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