Modern Software for the Modern Maintenance Professional

At Limble we believe you should love your CMMS, not just tolerate it



Maintenance professionals across the globe have a very real challenge: outdated, difficult-to-use and expensive maintenance software. Even though CMMS systems have been around for decades, we found that no one had yet created software maintenance that professionals would fall in love with. So back in 2015 we decided to create a CMMS that customers would not just tolerate, but fall in love with. We set out by first interviewing over 200 maintenance managers and facility managers to learn exactly what matters most to them and wow, we learned a lot. Using that feedback, we were able to create Limble, which is the first modern CMMS that truly is easy-to use, can be started in minutes and will deliver a return on investment within a matter of weeks, all the while giving the great user experience customers expect. A few years later, we have ecstatic and pleased customers all over the world in government, manufacturing, mining, hospitality, office facilities, religious parishes, energy, restaurants, agriculture and more. As we continue to grow, more and more customers are providing the critical feedback that made Limble successful in the first place. We are dedicated to always having the mindset that we are making software for you, the maintenance professional, and so you should be the one guiding what features we add next.

Hear what Limble CMMS customers have to say...

Software Advice - Best Customer Support
Software Advice - Front Runner
Capterra - best ease of use
G2 - High Performer