Celebrating Maintenance Heroes:

How Maintenance Teams Defined 2023

In 2023, maintenance teams across industries saw breakthroughs in transformative tech, ushering in a new era of AI and automation. Despite numerous challenges, the year marked a pivotal shift toward technology and sustainable approaches to maintenance. But that isn’t the only thing that defined the year in maintenance.

What Limble customers achieved in 2023 is a reflection of how hard maintenance teams work, the impact they have on their organizations, and the ongoing revolution occurring across the field of maintenance. In many ways, maintenance defined 2023 and we’re excited to see how this year’s successes pave the way for an even bigger 2024. 

Maintenance teams were busy

Tens of thousands of maintenance professionals using Limble were hard at work this year. It’s incredible to look back at all they’ve accomplished. While it’s hard to communicate the full scope of what maintenance teams accomplished in 2023, here are just a few examples of the scale of it all:

  • 1,776,365 parts managed (that’s the number of days in about 5,000 years)
  • 2,392,851 assets managed (in inches, that’s about 150 times around a standard 400m track)
  • 5,710,384 tasks completed (in gallons of water, that would be enough to fill about 86 Olympic-size swimming pools) 

But it isn’t just the number of assets, parts, and tasks that is impressive.  What really matters is the impact these activities have on companies, communities, and the world around us. 

Maintenance teams made a big impact on their company’s bottom line

Maintenance teams are the unsung heroes of their companies. They keep businesses running through the persistent threat of machine breakdowns and help avoid costly downtime. When they take measures to improve their own efficiency, companies can save millions. 

Significant reductions in downtime

In 2023, Limble customers reduced equipment downtime, helping their companies increase production and revenue. Maintenance teams saved a whopping $351,430,911 in downtime costs. That is over $350M saved through better preventive maintenance, faster repair times, and better maintenance preparedness overall.

2023 Downtime Saved


Optimized inventory management

Don’t underestimate the power of good planning. Limble customers kept critical parts in stock last year – eliminating unnecessary downtime, expedited shipping fees, and last-minute store runs. Through better inventory forecasting and spare parts management, Limble customers saved $55,089,127 for their companies.  

2023 Parts Spend Saved


Achieving more with less

The maintenance professionals on your team are your most valuable resource. Persistent work shortages have only reinforced this fact.  

While many organizations are investing more to attain and retain workers, maintenance teams using Limble were empowered to work more efficiently, increasing productivity and reducing the need for overtime. As a result, they have saved $798,895,434 in 2023 alone through improved maintenance practices, reduced emergency overtime, and more efficient use of their technicians’ time.

2023 Labor Spend Saved



Limble customers transformed their workplaces

Everything we do at Limble centers around empowering the unsung maintenance heroes in our communities and celebrating their achievements. Here are just a few stories of maintenance teams and the impact they made:

Western Pulp

A surprisingly easy implementation and an almost immediate value-add resulted in a happy and engaged maintenance team.

  • 30% decrease in Time to Complete Work Orders
  • 38% increase in Time Between Failures
  • Reporting that allowed for more data-driven decisions
  • Visibility into maintenance costs

Aztec Construction 

This growing construction company gained a customizable solution to manage its unique maintenance needs and achieved: 

  • 40% reduction in unplanned work percentage
  • $20k saved in spare parts within the first month
  • 90% on-time work completion rate
  • Insights to simplify ‘repair vs. replace’ decisions for aging equipment

Rent Right

This family-owned business fundamentally changed how it operates and serves customers with the support of Limble. 

  • Improved equipment tracking
  • Faster equipment inspections led to increased business
  • Easier access to information improved customer service 
  • 25% of administrative time saved

Family Health La Clinica

A mission-driven healthcare organization is able to do a lot more to maintain its mobile and brick-and-mortar clinics that serve community members in need. 

  • 30 days to start seeing an impact in maintenance operations
  • 50% more efficient maintenance operations 
  • Maintenance spending cut in half
  • Improved trust in the maintenance department across the organization


This family-owned manufacturing company turned the tide on downtime by implementing a strategic preventive maintenance program supported by Limble.

  • 4 weeks to begin seeing a return on investment
  • 83% reduction in the rate of downtime
  • $100,000 saved within the first year of implementation

Customers supported Limble’s growth

In 2023, Limble served over 2,000 customers. While we are proud of the number of maintenance heroes we have reached, we are also committed to responding to their evolving needs on an ongoing basis.

Through numerous product updates (and yes, a few bug fixes), the look, functionality, and future of Limble has evolved for the better in 2023.

New user interface

Working hand in hand with maintenance teams, we designed a brand-new, cutting-edge user interface. The updated look and feel of Limble will enhance useability and make it easier than ever for teams to adopt Limble CMMS and impact their organization.

Limble’s funding milestone

Limble’s mission to empower the unsung heroes received a big boost this year in the form of Series B funding. This investment of $58 million will help Limble reach even more maintenance professionals and better serve our current customers with improvements in functionality, customer service, and more.

Industry recognition and reviews

Limble’s position as the leading CMMS has only grown stronger as a result of our customers’ support. From Software Advice and Capterra, to G2, Limble has continued to be at the top of the list for useability, implementation, and performance. 


In 2023, we saw maintenance teams achieve – and save – a lot. Our customers took Limble and used it to their advantage, finding benefits, uses, and ways to improve the system that took it to the next level. The maintenance revolution is just getting started. We can’t wait to see what 2024 has in store.

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