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The water treatment plant in Lompoc, California, was built in the 1960s and serves the local population of about 45,000 people. They go above and beyond what is required by the state of California’s already high standards by operating a safe and efficient facility that tests their water almost hourly, ensuring the public receives consistent access to safe drinking water. Though built 60 years ago, they are continually updating their processes to ensure they meet the needs of their citizens.

The Challenge

The team in Lompoc had been using the same computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) for 15 years when Robert Stricklin came on board as the Maintenance Supervisor. The first thing he did was dive in to learn their current maintenance software. 

“I spent 3 hours on there, and I think I was more confused after I got off. It was a terrible program and it was hard to navigate.” Stricklin recognized that the system’s inefficiencies worked against the productivity of his team, and it lacked customer support when they had problems.

Despite the clunky nature of the maintenance software they currently had, Stricklin knew a CMMS would help his team stay efficient and organized. So he began looking for a new one with two basic but critical criteria. 

  • Useability that wouldn’t slow his team down
  • Excellent customer support

“My team’s basic function is to make sure every piece of equipment in this plant runs how it’s supposed to, as efficiently as possible. If something breaks, their job is to get it back online.”

Robert Stricklin, Maintenance Supervisor

The Solution

When Stricklin came across Limble, he decided to try it by signing up for a free trial. After only 10 days, he knew that this was the right software for them. His team found it easy to use and flexible, which helps them be nimble when switching between redundant systems to keep water flowing.

Limble also had the robust customer service, resources, and support required to meet their current needs as well as future advancements, growth, and expansion.

The Result

After implementing Limble, Stricklin and his team began to see benefits almost immediately, including automated scheduling that reduces their risk of downtime. They are able to plan preventive maintenance and quickly resolve any issues that show up in their day-to-day work.

Responsible for a utility as essential as a city’s water supply, Stricklin found that Limble took some of the stress and uncertainty out of breakdowns and switching between redundant systems. “We have redundancy in everything. We have pump one and pump two — if pump one breaks, we go to pump two. It’s a little panicky when your first one breaks because you’re praying that the second one doesn’t break because we’ve got to put water out.” With a flexible and efficient maintenance management software, the team is equipped with a system supports their complex and critical job.

The water treatment plant in Lompoc works hard to maintain their high standards and provide this vital resource to their citizens. They rely on Limble to keep their maintenance team informed and organized, and clean water flowing to the members of their community.

“Limble is cheaper than my old system, a hundred times easier to use, and their customer service was a huge selling point.”

Robert Stricklin, Maintenance Supervisor



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