The Ins and Outs of Maintenance


Maintenance has been around ever since the first caveman got tired of building a new spear for every other hunt and thought to himself: “I bet there is something I can do to use this one for a longer period of time” (albeit less eloquently).

While those times are long past, one thing that enabled us to come up with advanced technological solutions is exactly this type of proactive thinking.  

As the technology evolved and we developed wireless networks, highly accurate sensors, and powerful software analytics, the stage was set for the maintenance world to start using advanced proactive maintenance techniques like condition based maintenance to monitor complex assets.

How CMMS boost Fixed Asset Turnover Ratio and RoFA

Whether it’s Kelloggs’ churning out corn flakes, Caterpillar building bulldozers, or Aunt Sadie crocheting dryer balls from yarn and selling them at the downtown farmers market, manufacturers of all sizes must invest in fixed assets to produce and distribute their finished goods.

Kelloggs’ buys machines that process raw corn to edible flake, box it and load it into trucks. Caterpillar mortgages robotic assemblers, assembly lines and warehouses. Aunt Cadie purchases a car – and maybe a loom?

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Guide to failure metrics

Asset performance metrics like MTTR, MTBF, and MTTF are essential for any organization with equipment-reliant operations. Only by tracking these critical KPIs can an enterprise maximize uptime and keep disruptions to a minimum.

Tracking the reliability of assets is one challenge that engineering and maintenance managers face on a daily basis. While failure metrics can be very useful in this context, to use them effectively, you need to know what meaning hides behind their acronyms, how to distinguish between them, how to calculate them, and what does that tell you about your assets.

Implementing total productive maintenance (TPM) with CMMS
Choose best maintenance software

How many times over the last year did a critical piece of equipment break down unexpectedly? How many hours of productivity were lost due to an emergency repair? How many preventive maintenance tasks were missed due to a scheduling oversight? Do you know how many work orders were submitted, actioned and resolved over the last 6 months and if any of them are still opened?

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Limble CMMS wins 2 awards

In the recent months, we were in touch with several top sites that have a maintenance management software category to see if they would like to review and feature Limble CMMS  in that category.

That is how we got in touch with guys at Finances Online and asked if they would consider adding Limble CMMS to their list of maintenance management software. 

Reactive maintenance vs preventive maintenance

Making the switch from reactive maintenance to preventive maintenance can save thousands to millions of dollars, extend the life of your critical assets, and relieve your team of the stress and anxiety of dealing with frequent unpredictable equipment failures.

Despite the widely proven benefits of switching to preventive maintenance, around 60% of facilities are still relying on reactive maintenance as a major part of their overall maintenance strategy.

Enterprise technology project pitfalls

The continuing challenges of a volatile economy require middle market manufacturing companies to streamline their operations as much as possible.

Unfortunately, most companies are burdened with a resource-intensive process when selecting and implementing enterprise technology. Compounding the challenges are the never-ending demands of customers, a complex supply chain, increasingly competitive market conditions and other scenarios that consume scarce time and resources.

Reasons to use Computerized maintenance management system

Many businesses turn to maintenance software for help when they have the need to optimize their maintenance operations through the efficient work order management system or problems tracking their inventory levels.

While those are perfectly good reasons to try out a CMMS, the benefits of a fully utilized computerized maintenance management system reach far beyond that.

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CMMS and Maintenena Statistics and Trends 2018 - Infographic