55 Online Maintenance Resources for Reliability, Maintenance and Facility Managers

online maintenance resourcesTo help maintenance professionals separate the weed from the chaff, we have compiled, reviewed, and selected a huge list of online maintenance resources you should check out when you catch a break.

We also talked with editors that are in charge of some of the biggest maintenance blogs and magazines, and asked them about their favorite maintenance resources. You will find their answers sprinkled throughout the article. 

Maintenance resources at-a-glance

From podcasts to newsletters, there are so many different things that could have been included in this list. 

We decided to focus on a mix of industrial maintenance and facility management resources that cater to maintenance professionals.

Instead of recommending a specific article or whitepaper, we will refer you to follow a person who writes good articles or a magazine that publishes them.

Here is the list of categories we cover in the article, in the exact order of appearance:

  • Industrial maintenance magazines
  • Maintenance newsletters
  • Repair & maintenance Youtube Channels
  • Facility management and maintenance blogs
  • Reliability & maintenance experts
  • A mix of different online maintenance resources

The Essential Guide to CMMS

Download this helpful guide to everything a CMMS has to offer.

Top 10 Industrial Maintenance Magazines

Even though industrial maintenance can seem like a narrow niche, there is a decent amount of magazines that cover it. Here are our favorites.

1. MRO Magazine

MRO Magazine is a Canadian maintenance magazine focused on providing actionable advice and news across the industrial space. 

If you like to read about maintenance, there’s a good chance you already came in contact with their content. We know it is good because we are one of their regular contributors 🙂 

Digital edition archives: https://www.mromagazine.com/digital-edition/ 

Publishing frequency: 6 editions per year

2. Reliable Plant Magazine

If you want to build awareness of advancements and solutions related to Industry 4.0, reliability, plant performance optimization, and asset management, Reliable Plant Digital Magazine should be on your monthly reading list. 

Digital edition archives: https://magazine.reliableplant.com/ 

Publishing frequency: monthly editions

3. Industry Europe Magazine

Industry Europe offers a mix of technology-related content, industrial news, equipment maintenance, and global trends — relevant to industrial businesses operating on the European continent. 

Digital edition archives: https://industryeurope.com/e-magazine 

Publishing frequency: monthly editions

4. ISHN Magazine

ISHN stands for Industrial Safety & Hygiene News. They are focused on providing safety advice to machine operators, mechanics, technicians, and other frontline workers. It is a great source for workplace safety, health & environmental news, including OSHA regulations

Digital edition archives: https://www.ishn.com/emagazine (may require registration) 

Publishing frequency: monthly editions

5. Industrial Machinery Digest Magazine

Industrial Machinery Digest is a monthly B2B trade publication that serves the owners and managers of America’s most diversified job shops, machine shops, OEM/MRO, contract manufacturers, and production line manufacturers.

Digital editions archives

Publishing frequency: monthly & quarterly editions

6. Cleaning And Maintenance Management (CMM) Magazine

CMM is owned and published by ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry association. It aims to deliver the most up-to-date information vital for building service contractors (BSCs), facility services managers, and in-house facility managers to succeed in their profession.

Digital edition archives: https://cmmonline.com/magazine 

Publishing frequency: 6 to 8 editions per year

7. Maint World Magazine

The Magazine is specialized in Maintenance and Asset Management, and it covers a whole spectrum of topics focusing on Health, Safety, Environment & Quality (HSEQ); Asset & Maintenance Management; Research, Technology, Development & Training; and Applications & Techniques in Maintenance.

Digital edition archives: https://www.maintworld.com/Editorial-archive 

Publishing frequency: quarterly editions

8. Plant Engineering Magazine

Plant Engineering Magazine provides strategic manufacturing knowledge to plant managers in the areas of Automation Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Maintenance Management.

Digital edition archives: https://www.plantengineering.com/magazine/  

Publishing frequency: 6 editions per year

9. Efficient Plant Magazine

Efficient Plant Magazine caters to plant and facility management teams, from engineers and managers to plant-floor personnel. It focuses on delivering key asset-performance technology and implementation information these groups need to improve the reliability of their plants.

Digital edition archives: https://www.efficientplantmag.com/digital-issue-archive/ 

Publishing frequency: 9 to 10 editions per year

10. Industrial Plant And Equipment Magazine

As its name suggests, IPE Magazine covers everything related to industrial plants and equipment. You will find content on asset maintenance, energy management, production, materials handling, and health and safety — to name a few. Trends and news focus on the UK market, but everything else is helpful to the international audience.

Digital edition archives: https://www.ipesearch.co.uk/page_243934.asp 

Publishing frequency: 9 editions per year

9 Industrial & Facility Management Newsletters

Newsletters are a great way to stay in touch with industry trends and get curated information straight to your inbox. Here’s a mix of industrial and facility management newsletters that do not disappoint. 

1. Plant Services newsletter

Plant Services newsletter offers you to subscribe to: 

  • Product Bulleting: A product-focused newsletter that features large, four-color images with editor-written descriptions.
  • Smart Minute: Strictly content-based e-newsletters where readers can find exclusive content, useful technical guides, case studies, access to Plant Services on-demand webcasts, and complimentary white papers.

Subscribe here: https://endeavor.dragonforms.com/loading.do?omedasite=PLTSnewpref 

2. Reliable Plant newsletter

They offer you to subscribe to three different newsletters:

  • Lube-Tips is a unique educational resource designed to give maintenance and operations professionals an insider’s grasp of lubrication and lubricants.
  • Reliable Plant Mail delivers a wealth of useful information each week to plant maintenance and reliability leaders.
  • The Machinery Lubrication newsletter delivers expert tips and videos on — you guessed it — machinery lubrication.

Subscribe here: https://www.reliableplant.com/Newsletter/All 

3. Industry Week newsletter

Industry week newsletter covers news, trends, best practices, and thought leadership in the industrial space. They offer a wide variety of topics you can opt in for. Depending on what you want to follow you will receive, daily, weekly or monthly updates. Click on the link below for more details.

Subscribe here: https://endeavor.dragonforms.com/loading.do?omedasite=IDWnewpref 

4. Efficient Plant newsletter

Efficient Plant newsletter highlights the most recent success stories, lubrication best practices, plant profiles, industry columns, and plant floor feedback, as well as industry news and products.

Subscribe here: https://www.efficientplantmag.com/newsletters/ 

5. MRO newsletter

You can subscribe to MRO eNewsletter and MRO Electronic Product Spotlight. They are providing readers interested in industrial machinery & equipment maintenance with relevant breaking news, current industry data, helpful tips, and useful product news and research relevant to the Canadian market. 

Subscribe here: https://annex.dragonforms.com/loading.do?omedasite=MRO_prefsnew&pk=website&oly_anon_id=1f6872e7-3fcc-4aae-946e-4d0c17e35317 

6. IFMA EMEA newsletter

IFMA is the world’s largest and most widely recognized international association for facility management professionals. You can sign up for the monthly newsletter to stay up to date with industry research, content, and trends.

Subscribe here: https://pages.ifma.org/emea-newsletter 

7. Facility Executive newsletter

Facility Executive caters to facility management professionals and offers four different newsletters focused on news, products, exclusive webinars, and partner product and news, respectively. 

Subscribe here: https://groupcmedia.dragonforms.com/loading.do?omedasite=TFM_pref_page 

8. Facilities Management Advisor newsletters

Facilities Management Advisor newsletter keeps facilities management professionals up-to-date on the most important issues, industry trends, and insight. It offers expert advice, best practice strategies, and news to make their job easier.

Subscribe here: https://facilitiesmanagementadvisor.blr.com/subscribe/ 

9. FM Media newsletter

Subscribe to Facility Management Media’s e-newsletter to receive the latest in facilities management and built environment solutions directly to your inbox — features, news, and case studies from Australia and around the world.

Subscribe here: https://www.fmmedia.com.au/newsletter/ 

8 Useful Repair & Maintenance Youtube Channels

Some of the channels we recommend below cater to technicians, while others aim for more managerial roles. Check their respective descriptions to learn more about each channel.   

1. Lex Vance 

Lex’s Dirty Maintenance Show is a Youtube channel focused on providing value and sharing ideas with new and veteran maintenance technicians in the property maintenance industry. 

It offers a huge repository of short videos (5-15 minutes long) that show how to fix and troubleshoot common issues found in apartments and buildings.   

Link: https://www.youtube.com/c/LexVance/ 

Publishing frequency: 1 to 3 videos a month

2. Global Electronic Services

Global Electronic Services repairs industrial electronics, motors, and hydraulics for some of the largest and most advanced manufacturers and distributors across the world. Their YouTube channel features a wide variety of practical advice on testing and repairing industrial electronics, hydraulics, and motors. 

Link: https://www.youtube.com/c/Gesrepair 

Publishing frequency: 1 to 3 videos a month

3. BIN Industrial Training

This channel has a sizeable collection of videos helpful for anyone that needs industrial technology training. It is one of the oldest channels on this list, with its first video published 14 years ago.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/c/Bin95/  

Publishing frequency: inconsistent

4. Noria US

If you are interested in machinery lubrication and oil analysis — and you are also a fan of unboxing videos — this is the channel you are looking for. Noria uses its YouTube channel to promote its webinars and showcase different products used in lubrication and oil analysis processes.  

Link: https://www.youtube.com/user/noriacorp 

Publishing frequency: 1 to 3 videos a month

5. IDCON Reliability and Maintenance

As the name of their channel suggests, IDCON’s videos are loaded with practical advice for maintenance and reliability professionals. You will find useful tips about maintenance planning and scheduling, running root cause analysis, how to be a good maintenance/reliability manager, and much more.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRsdOmCZX4GSZMpqAdFhw3A

Publishing frequency: an average of 5 videos every month

6. Joe Khun

Joe is a retired operations manager. He provides advice and opinions on how to run a business, how to run a plant, how to establish a reliability culture, and how to be a good and successful business leader.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY0hd1Iff79JnPNkPHmOXAg/videos 

Publishing frequency: 10+ videos a month

7. Convergence Training by Vector Solutions

With over a decade of experience designing advanced 3D animated courseware and developing proprietary learning management software, Vector Solutions has developed over 1,000 safety and operations training modules.

They offer a big repository of 3D animated videos you can learn from yourself or even use as a part of your weekly toolbox talks.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/c/Convergencetraining 

Publishing frequency: not actively publishing new content

8. AvE

AvE offers a lot of educational content for maintenance technicians that isn’t afraid of being funny and informal. You will find a mix of short skits and long how-to guides, many of which have gathered millions of views.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/c/arduinoversusevil2025  

Publishing frequency: 3 to 5 videos per month

Maintenance Acronym Guide

Confused by PMs, MTTR, and DFMEA? This maintenance acronym guide will have you talking the talk in no time.

Top 10 Facility Management & Maintenance Blogs

There is no shortage of good facility management and maintenance blogs out there. Some of them are well-known, others are niche, but all provide valuable information to facility and maintenance managers.

1. Limble blog

Our content team works very hard to bring you a constant stream of educational pieces here at the Limble blog

You will find a wide variety of in-depth discussions, custom graphics, tips, and actionable advice that dive into all aspects of asset maintenance, equipment reliability, facility management, and maintenance software.

2.  Maintenance World

Maintenance World is a maintenance blog run by IDCON, a company providing side-by-side reliability and maintenance consulting and training for manufacturing businesses. 

Aside from asset management, industrial maintenance and CMMS, they also tackle reliability and engineering-related topics. Most of their content is submitted by guest contributors with experience in the respective areas.

3. Facility Management Advisor 

Facility Management Advisor is a facility management blog run by Simplify Compliance, an industry-leading knowledge provider with more than 40 years of experience in human capital management, environmental, health, and safety. 

If you are a facility manager that wants to learn about building maintenance, energy management, design, and construction, this is a great place to start.

4. Maintworld

Maintworld has a strong focus on asset management and maintenance, sprinkled with relevant news from the industrial sector. It caters to decision-makers for Industry and Production procurement. 

Maintworld is the only Pan-European publication of the European Federation of National Maintenance Societies (EFNMS). 

5. American Machinist

While it is more of a manufacturing blog, American Machinist does not shy away from covering maintenance topics. 

It is dedicated to bringing its audience significant developments on the products and practices of metalworking, including cutting, tooling, forming, materials, robotics, quality, cleaning and finishing, maintenance, and shop operations.

6. Facilities.net

The editorial content of FacilitiesNet deals specifically with the design, construction, maintenance, and operations of facilities. Their mission is to provide timely information and industry insight to executive building ownership and facilities management decision-makers, to help them accomplish their goals.

If you want to have full access to all of their articles, videos, ebooks, and virtual events, you will have to opt-in for their FNPrime membership

7. Facility Executive

As its name suggests, Facility Executive serves as a prime source of information for facility decision-makers in various industry sectors. It is the one-stop source for information on delivering quality design, operation, and maintenance of facilities.

8. Plant Services

The Plant Services blog strives to deliver leading-edge content showcasing smart technology and reliable asset management in order to promote a culture of safe, sustainable plant operations. They have a strong editorial process and only publish content from industry experts.

9. i-FM

I-FM is one of the oldest online sources of information about facilities management. With over two decades of accessible and searchable archives, you would be hard-pressed to find other resources that are as comprehensive. 

Alongside classic articles, you can find custom-made studies, industry reports, and interviews with industry experts.

10. Reliable Plant

Last but definitely not least valuable in this category is Reliable Plant. The blog is run by Noria Corporation, a leader in the space of lubrication and oil analysis. It has a hard focus on lubrication and equipment reliability, with regular dips into the general area of equipment maintenance.  

Top 8 Reliability & Maintenance experts to follow

We decided to feature 8 experts in this section, but this is definitely not a definitive list.

If you know someone else who deserves to be mentioned, don’t hesitate to give them a shout in the comments below.

1. Joel Levit

Throughout his maintenance career, which is now pushing almost 3 decades, Joel has trained over 17,000 maintenance professionals around the world. As the president of Springfield Resources, he helped numerous organization take their maintenance management to the next level. 

Joel also found time to write a few books, the most notable ones being The Complete Guide to Preventive and Predictive Maintenance and The Handbook of Maintenance Management.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joel-levitt-maintenance/ 

2. Paul Brown

Paul is an engineering manager who spent over 25 years working with some of the largest Automotive and Technical Textiles OEM machine manufacturers in a Maintenance, Engineering and R&D capacity. 

These days he is on a mission to help other maintenance managers reduce their operational costs and improve equipment reliability through better lubrication practices.  

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/paul-brown-miet-%E2%9A%99%EF%B8%8F-731392a0/

3. Fred Schenkelberg

An engineer-turned-reliability-consultant, Fred has a long history of teaching people about reliability engineering. Currently, he works as a reliability expert at FMS Reliability, a reliability engineering and management consulting firm he founded back in 2004.

He also manages a platform for reliability education and community called Accendo Reliability. There, you can find everything from helpful articles, eBooks, and webinars, to specific reliability courses and podcasts.   

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/fmsreliability/

4. Hal Minderman 

Hal is a certified maintenance and reliability engineer with vast experience in the manufacturing industry, where he successfully implemented and led different reliability programs and systems.  

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hal-minderman/ 

5. Chris Colson

Chris is a Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional with over 28 years of experience in various industries tackling engineering, reliability, design, maintainability, and energy management issues.

He is the co-author of Clean, Green and Reliable: A Sustainable Reliability Guide For Industrial Plants. On top of that, Chris has written numerous articles and led a bunch of seminars and conferences — all aimed at educating engineers and maintenance personnel on maintenance, reliability, and energy management best practices. 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chrisacolson/recent-activity/shares/ 

6. Ramesh Gulati

Nicknamed “Reliability Sherpa”, Ramesh has been solving maintenance and reliability problems for over 50 years. Alongside an impressive line of certifications (CRE, CRL, PE, CAMA, CMRP, and CMRT), he has also won numerous awards.

One of these awards is the Gold Book he won at Maintenance and Technology in 2011 for his — now well-known — book titled “Maintenance and Reliability Best Practices” 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ramesh-gulati-90739a20/recent-activity/shares/ 

7. John Reeve

Alongside being a CRL, CMM, and CMMS champion, John is the author of several books like “Failure Modes to Failure Codes” and “ Demanding Excellence from your Asset Management System”.

In his long career, John has been a scheduling supervisor, PSDI/MRO principal consultant, and has kept the role of a maintenance and reliability leader at various consulting firms.    

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/john-reeve-9b264411/ 

8. Ricky Smith

Ricky is a maintenance and reliability specialist who helps companies transition from reactive to proactive maintenance management. He also co-authored several books, including “Rules of Thumb for Maintenance and Reliability Engineers” and “Planning & Scheduling Made Simple”. 

Over the years, Ricky has spoken at many conferences and helped dozens of businesses improve maintainability and reliability through his articles and consulting services.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RickySmithCMRP 

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/services/page/2282013078b0a55a05/ 

Bonus: 10 Miscellaneous Online Maintenance Resources

While we were compiling this list, the team came across other interesting online maintenance resources that didn’t fit into any of the categories listed above. So we decided to give these misfits their own section.

1. Maintenance.org (Forum)

If you want to discuss personal insights and different topics around reliability and asset management, AMP Maintenance Forums are one of the best places to do just that. You will find 20+ years of deep discussions and knowledge sharing.

You will have to subscribe first, but the membership is free. 

Link: https://www.maintenance.org/ 

2. The Maintenance Community

The Maintenance Community is a free, online forum where maintenance and reliability professionals can network, attend events, listen to podcasts, and get informed on all things maintenance.

They go full circle with the content they offer, from written resources to webinars/training, and then their whole Slack community to help troubleshoot with.

Bekah Mechtensimer, Chief of Staff at Empowering Pumps & Equipment

Link: https://upkeep.org/ 

3. SMRP Groups for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals 

This is a professional development and discussion group for ‎maintenance, reliability, and physical asset management professionals. ‎To participate in this group, you do not have to be an SMRP member. 

SMRP also has an exclusive, online community for SMRP ‎members called The Exchange — a secure site where ‎members can participate in thought leadership and forum discussion ‎groups, share best practices, ask questions, and communicate with ‎fellow members in real time. 

It ‎also serves as a resource center where members can share ‎documents, links, and other digital files, along with up-to-date ‎information on all SMRP announcements and upcoming events.‎

Unofficial LinkedIn SMRP Group: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/1405447/ 

Exclusive group for official SMRP members: https://exchange.smrp.org/home 

4. LinkedIn Group for Plant Reliability & Maintenance Professionals

Plant Reliability & Maintenance Professionals is a professionally managed group completely dedicated to maintenance and reliability professionals, and engineers who are actively involved in maintenance and reliability systems improvement in Oil & Gas, Refining, Petrochemicals, Manufacturing, Power, and other industries.

Link: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/1397607/ 

5. Facilities Management & Operations Professionals LinkedIn Group

Third and last LinkedIn group on this list, this one is oriented towards facility management professionals. It is designed to foster conversation and problem-solving for facilities managers working across a variety of industries.

I get nearly all of my maintenance-related info from companies and pros that provide us with contributed articles, as they’re the true experts, with their “finger on the pulse” of what’s going on in their sector. We also host several FM groups on LinkedIn, with the most maintenance-related one being “Facilities Management & Operations.”

Joe Bebon, Editor of Facilities Management Advisor

6. Maintenance and Reliability podcasts

Accendo Reliability has a lot of useful content for Reliability professionals. They offer a wide variety of different podcast series focused on specific topics like the reliability of circuit assemblies, and feature quite an assembly of industry experts.

Just click on Reliability.fm to see the full list of podcasts they offer.

Link: https://accendoreliability.com/podcast/ 

7. The Tool Belt podcast

In this podcast series, industry experts from across the country explore new ways you can manage, maintain and automate your facility. Join the Plant Services team for these conversations and equip yourself with the “tools” you need to improve maintenance and reliability at your facility.

If you want to subscribe, the podcasts are available on iTunes, Google Play, and YouTube.

Link: https://www.plantservices.com/the-tool-belt 

8. Libraries 

Many libraries have been digitized, and offer you the possibility to look up relevant content online. When learning or writing about maintenance, reliability, and facility management, libraries are still an invaluable resource.

The University of Maryland library offers access to decades and decades of technical and conference papers that provide a means to get detailed answers to a wide range of questions. I’ve tapped into the library for optimization techniques, statistical methods, modeling approaches, along with career advice and more. A library is a gold mine, if you use it. 

Fred Schenkelberg, Managing Editor at Accendo Reliability 

9. Follow equipment OEMs on social media

You want to know about the new products or solutions that could improve your operations? One of the options is to follow OEMs on social media and see what they are introducing to the market.

I follow equipment OEMS on Twitter/LinkedIn and look at what they are introducing. I also DM and comment with shop owners as well as product managers.

Joe Thompson, Editor at Canadian Metalworking

10. Set up Google alerts for “industrial maintenance”

If you want to follow the most recent news about a maintenance product, service, event, topic, etc., you can tell Google to track specific words or phrases and notify you when someone publishes something that includes those terms. 

Here’s a step-by step guide on how to set up Google alerts for those that are not so tech savvy. It’s easier than it sounds.

The information we get through Google Alerts is timely, on-going and extensive. It gives us an initial lead to investigate further.

Jeff Reinke, Editorial Director at Manufacturing.net

Maintenance resources wrap-up

We hope you found a few valuable online maintenance resources on this list you didn’t already know about. We tried to go wide and satisfy different tastes. 

If we missed an incredible resource that simply has to be included in this list, don’t be afraid to send us an email or drop a comment below the article.

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