Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

The flexibility of Limble helps Crystal Bridges Museum manage maintenance needs as varied as the items in its art collection.

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Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art is a nonprofit museum that has been in operation for more than a decade. They have a renowned art collection that sits on 120 acres of land in Northwest Arkansas. 

In many ways, Crystal Bridges is not your typical museum due to its wide variety of settings, exhibits, and uses. It includes indoor and outdoor art installations, five miles of walking trails, and hosts events that range from concerts to weddings to field trips.

The Challenge

When Stephanie McKenna, the Assistant Manager for Protection Services at Crystal Bridges, learned about plans to expand the museum to nearly double its size, she became serious about looking for a maintenance software that could work for everyone. They were looking for something that could be used by all of their teams: Facilities, Trails & Grounds, Security, Transportation, and any other team that would need it in the future. “We wanted everything to be seamless and streamlined,” McKenna said.

``Our dedicated customer service representative has been with us through every step of this process. There’s been nothing that we’ve asked for that they haven’t helped us with.``

Stephanie McKenna, Assistant Manager for Protection Services

The Solution

With Limble, they found one software that worked for all their needs. They have leveraged it to help every department individually to become more efficient, organized, and paved the way for expansion.

The Result

However, a software can only help if everyone uses it. Luckily, everyone at Crystal Bridges embraced Limble once it was implemented. Their Chief Engineer Kyle Rogers said, “If I go ask my guys to do anything, the first thing they’re going to say is, ‘Well, you need to put it in Limble.’” As they continue to grow and expand it will make transparency, efficiency, and budgeting a lot easier. “Limble’s actually been able to give us the ability to accurately predict our numbers,” McKenna said. “I know budgets are important for everybody, but even more so for nonprofits.”

They’ve even been able to expand their use of Limble and make it work for teams that didn’t know how well Limble would work for them, like their Trails and Grounds team. They’ve been able to take advantage of the mapping feature and used Limble’s flexibility to their advantage so it can do exactly what they need it to do. As John Hankles, the Vice President of Trails and Grounds Operations said, “I find that the Limble system is far easier to modify and tweak around the grounds operations than the previous systems I’ve used.” 

As McKenna said, “We landed on Limble being the best fit for us; it’s been an incredible partnership that has really made our operations move to that next level.” While Crystal Bridges went years without a maintenance system, they know that they’re in a much better position to face the future, and all the changes it brings, now that they have a reliable, flexible system in Limble.

“It’s been an incredible partnership that has really made our operations move to that next level. At the end of the day, there was only one choice for us and that choice was Limble”

Stephanie McKenna, Assistant Manager for Protection Services

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