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Thanksgiving Point is a community-owned nonprofit garden, museum, and farm complex that employs more than 500 staff members. It includes a 55-acre botanical garden, a 15-acre farm experience, four museums, several restaurants, and event venues. Their facilities department takes care of all the buildings, roads, parking lots, and other infrastructure.




Acre Botanical Garden


Acre Farm

The Challenge

Thanksgiving Point’s transition to a preventive maintenance strategy was hampered by understaffing, which led to a backlog of deferred maintenance. In addition, instead of streamlining operations, their CMMS, Upkeep, wasn’t delivering what they needed. 

Upkeep’s slow response time was a real issue. “Every time I clicked on a work order it would take 30 seconds for it to even open,” said Josh Sylvester, the Director of Facilities. In addition, tracking and reporting on maintenance work was so time-consuming that Sylvester would regularly sleep at the office in order to make end-of-quarter report deadlines. And he never knew if his work would be saved, sometimes causing him to redo hours of scheduling.

To address their backlog and get their preventive maintenance house in order, an upgrade to their CMMS needed to provide three key solutions. 

  • Stable and fast access to all CMMS functions from any device
  • Automated tracking that reliably logged and reported their daily work
  • Super-responsive customer service and support

“We tried Upkeep for about a year and a half; it was just clunky and had a lot of glitches.”

Josh Sylvester, the Director of Facilities

The Solution

The team noticed an immediate difference with Limble.  Its fast, stable, and user-friendly platform gave the team instant access to work order management, customizable reporting, and QR-code-based data from both desktop and mobile devices. These features removed friction and saved hours of work each day.

The full-functionality mobile app loaded quickly and worked even when wifi was not available. Sylvester estimates that he saves at least an hour and a half on administrative work everyday.

In addition, time is no longer wasted manually calculating reports. Sylvester built what he needed in a custom dashboard which Limble automatically populates with accurate, real-time data. His motto is “you can’t manage what you can’t measure,” and now that Limble automatically puts the data in his reports, all he has to do is share them.

Not only did Limble work reliably, but if the team at Thanksgiving Point ever has questions about the system, they can get an answer from customer support within minutes. Or they can call their company’s dedicated Customer Success Manager directly.

The Result

Now that Thanksgiving Point has implemented a reliable CMMS with Limble, they are taking the next steps to expand the way they use it. “We’re putting processes and systems in place now to try to get ahead and to try to be more proactive,” Sylvester said. They are now able to work through backlogs of deferred maintenance while planning future work. Each team member now has a better idea of what is next for them, so they can manage their time strategically. The hours they save with Limble are being put to better use elsewhere.

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