Limble Raises $58M Series B Funding and a $450M Valuation, Accelerating Growth

The funding led by Goldman Sachs will enable Limble to meet the evolving needs of the maintenance and asset monitoring industry.
Bryan Christiansen
Founder & CEO

Bryan is a self-taught full stack developer turned marketer turned entrepreneur. Bryan is the founder and CEO of Limble CMMS, the leading CMMS software that empowers the unsung heroes who fix and maintain the world we live in. Limble has grown to thousands of users in just a few short years.

At Limble, we have always evaluated our results through the lens of our customer’s success.

In 2022 alone, maintenance teams used Limble to save hundreds of millions of dollars in downtime, parts spend, and labor while doing the unseen work of keeping our world safe and functional. 

Considering the environment our customers will operate in for the foreseeable future – historic labor challenges, an unpredictable economic climate, increasing frequency and severity of natural disasters, and more – it is clear that there will be an ongoing need to support these unsung heroes in our communities in an evolving way.

Maintenance Savings by Limble Customers in 2022


in Downtime Costs


in Parts Spend


in Labor Costs

Series B investment in the future of Limble

We are excited to announce that Limble has raised $58 million in Series B funding, bringing our total valuation to $450M to accelerate our growth and realize that vision. This funding, led by the Growth Equity business within Goldman Sachs, will help us build more industry-disrupting solutions and insights that will lay the groundwork for the future of EAM and CMMS platforms. 

Harnessing our extensive repository of maintenance data, application of AI technology, and the power of our customer relationships, this new phase of growth for Limble will redefine what a CMMS can do for the maintenance, asset monitoring, and facilities management industries.

“Limble has disrupted this market with an intuitive, user-friendly, and modern CMMS that streamlines even the largest operations, and fast implementation means customers see ROI within weeks.”

Brendon Hardin, Vice President, Goldman Sachs Growth Equity

How we got here

In 2015, we set out to learn what maintenance and facility managers really needed. After conversations with over 200 of them, we made Limble.

This began our endeavor to build software laser-focused on the needs of its users – the maintenance managers and technicians who fix and maintain the world around us. By delivering a user-friendly, modern CMMS that delivers ROI almost immediately, maintenance departments could finally get the support and visibility they had been lacking. 

As a result, Limble caught on quickly. The growth we have experienced since is the result of keeping our customers front and center.

A world-class team, building a world-class product

After eight years, we have not only delivered transformative technology to maintenance teams across the globe, but we have created a best-in-class workplace culture that makes the magic happen. By promoting the same core values we see in our customers – scrappiness, transparency, attitude, and a solution focus – we stay true to our mission.

Limble's Past Year of Growth




Increase in Headcount


Maintenance Inspired Core Values
Steadfast dedication to core values and the needs of our customers has led to rapid growth.

Where we are going

What has always set Limble apart is our deep understanding of the challenges maintenance and facility managers face every day. We will apply that industry knowledge to innovation that increases our impact on the industry and, by extension, the world where we all live, work, and play.

Empowering the unsung heroes 

Limble exists to help maintenance professionals. We do this by providing software that streamlines everyday maintenance workflows, drastically lowers stress from unexpected breakdowns, saves companies millions of dollars every year, and provides transparency that garners the visibility maintenance teams deserve.

The future is bright for maintenance professionals who use Limble, and with this new investment, we can serve more maintenance teams faster. 

Stop the world from breaking

We empower the unsung heroes who fix the broken things in our world. But it doesn’t stop there. We want to build products and features that help prevent the infrastructure in our communities and workplaces from breaking in the first place.

With the goal of developing AI-powered solutions that predict and prevent breakdowns, we can help our customers begin to avoid them altogether. This will drastically change what is deemed possible in the maintenance landscape, saving billions of dollars for our customers.

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