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Now, let's address your use of spare parts for repairs


Does your team use vendors for repairs?

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Maintenance Savings Calculator

Yearly Downtime Cost

Number of widgets per hour 0
Revenue per Widget 0
Downtime cost per hour $0
Number of downtime events per week 0
Average hours to repair 0
Downtime Hours Per Week (hour) 0
Downtime Cost per Week $0
Annual Downtime Cost $0
Savings with Limble *
$0 - $0

Total Parts Inventory Costs

Unplanned run to store cost per week $0
Unplanned expedited shipping cost per week $0
Total parts related costs per week $0
Annual Avoidable Parts Cost $0
Savings with Limble **
$0 - $0

Total Cost of Lost Productivity

Average Wage (technicians and Admin) $0
Benefits Paid to Employee per hour $0
Hourly Cost Per Employee $0
Hours Lost per day (data entry, printing, etc...) 0
Number of techs and admins 0
Number of Working Days Per Year 0
Annual Cost of Lost Productivity $0
Savings with Limble ***
$0 - $0

Total Vendors Costs

How many work orders per week? 0
% of unplanned problems require a vendor 0%
# unplanned problems serviced by vendor per week 0
Avg. vendor cost for unplanned problem $0
Weekly vendor cost for unplanned maintenance $0
Annual Vendor Cost $0
Savings with Limble
$0 - $0

Total Savings with Limble

$0 - $0

On average, our customers see the following results with Limble:

  • 37% reduced downtime.*
  • 41% increased productivity.**
  • 29% cost savings for parts.***

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