Bosch AHM 30 Hand Mower Manual

Need to keep your Bosch AHM 30 Hand Mower in good working condition but don’t know where to start?  Directly from the manufacturer, this downloadable resource has all the information you need.
The following resources apply to the Bosch AHM 30 Hand Mower only.

Bosch AHM 30 Hand Mower Manual

The Bosch AHM 30 Hand Mower is a suitable hand lawn mower for smaller gardens up to 50m². The lawn mower has ten adjustable cutting height settings between 12 and 40 millimeters. Set up, maintain, and repair it right!  Use these resources as the basis for an asset maintenance plan, or a quick reference for any problems or troubleshooting needs. Check back often for more work aids like checklists, troubleshooting guides, parts list, electrical diagrams, and more. 

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