Exploring Free CMMS Software: Why Give it a Try?

Today’s modern Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) solutions are much more efficient and accessible than similar maintenance management software of the past. The most fundamental features offered at all pricing levels also exist on Limble’s free CMMS software. Here are the outcomes you can expect to see by using them. 

Streamlined workflows

Work order and work request management

A simple-to-use platform for anyone in your organization to submit work requests will streamline one of the most complex workflows involved in maintenance. It also performs much of the work order administration for you. 

Automatic communications to requesters improve service, and faster access to the details your team needs – including images – helps them provide quicker repairs. 

Signature capture

The typical bottlenecks caused by approval workflows are a common pain point for maintenance teams. With electronic signature capture, your maintenance team can keep their workflows moving, submitting and approving every step of each process from wherever they have an internet connection.

Inspection checks

Inspections are the backbone of many preventive maintenance programs and regulatory requirements. The free version of Limble includes reminders and mechanisms to log inspection checks, ensuring that nothing gets missed. 

Procedure templates

One of the primary benefits of a CMMS is access to procedure libraries from anywhere.  With unlimited procedure templates, maintenance teams always have access to the researched protocols and established best practices outlined in your internal procedures, supporting more effective and efficient repairs and maintenance work. 

Mobile team

Limble’s free CMMS software is a cloud-based one. This makes it available as a mobile CMMS app that simplifies using it on the go. Designed specifically to be used on a mobile device, the app provides all the critical functions that your team needs while performing repairs and preventive maintenance

Real-time communication

Teams using Limble’s free CMMS are more mobile yet more connected than ever. The system allows your team to share knowledge and skills in real time. In addition, maintenance teams can gain better visibility to schedules, task lists, and the information they need to complete work effectively. 

Customizable asset management

The value of a CMMS comes directly from its role as a centralized platform for team members to access and analyze maintenance activity. The more asset management information is stored there, the more valuable it is. 

Limble’s free CMMS includes the ability to store an unlimited number of assets and to customize asset fields to your organization’s needs. This ensures that the asset information in the system provides you with the biggest benefit. 

The benefits of a free CMMS system

A more effective maintenance team

Access to asset information from anywhere is a game changer and improves the overall performance of maintenance teams. By empowering technicians with more information and easing the administrative burden through automation and streamlined PM management, technicians are freed up to do their most important maintenance tasks. 

Less strain on your workforce

Workforce challenges remain a persistent challenge across most industries. The efficiencies provided by a free CMMS solution can ease the crunch on over-burdened teams.  

Improved organizational productivity

Preventive maintenance can be a complex strategy to pull off, but it pays dividends in increased uptime and better overall operations efficiency. By coordinating all the details involved in a preventive maintenance program, critical assets remain in productive working order with much less administrative work on the part of the maintenance team. 

Lower maintenance costs

A more effective and efficient maintenance program will ultimately lead to lower maintenance costs in addition to saving on the high costs of breakdowns and unplanned downtime. In addition, any solutions that streamline work order management and overall maintenance operations ultimately save time and, therefore, labor costs. 

What lies beyond a free CMMS?

Of course, once you start to see the benefits of using a CMMS, the next logical step is to ask what more a CMMS can do. Higher tiers of CMMS software begin to offer more sophisticated solutions and IoT sensor integrations that tie together numerous components of an overall asset management or facilities maintenance strategy. 

Parts inventory

CMMS parts inventory modules help organizations manage their spare parts inventory effectively to ensure that needed parts are always available. This helps organizations eliminate inflated priority shipping fees and downtime caused by critical parts that are out of stock.

Features like inventory organization using QR codes, inventory level tracking and notifications, as well as usage trending and forecasting can take parts management to the next level. 

Advanced reporting and custom dashboards

Access to custom dashboards, metrics, and KPIs help maintenance managers get consistent access to the data leaders need to confidently make informed decisions.

CMMS reporting functions available in paid versions allow measurement of all aspects of a maintenance program by asset, type, and location. They also provide critical insights into financial metrics like total cost of asset ownership or labor and inventory costs over time.

Preventive maintenance features

A more advanced CMMS also makes preventive maintenance the centerpiece of their functionality. They include features that help organizations optimize their maintenance processes, such as automated preventive maintenance scheduling, templates, checklists, custom standard operating procedures, maintenance schedules, and more.

Free in more ways than one

It is easy to assume that there is a hidden cost to anything that is offered for free. But because Limble’s free version is also the easiest to learn and most user-friendly CMMS on the market, it truly costs nothing in terms of money or time to use. 

Simply create a free account, add your first work order or asset, and get started. You’ll soon be well on your way to better maintenance management.

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