Samsara & Limble Integration Partnership

Limble is excited to provide a pre-built integration with Samsara, helping maintenance teams managing fleet streamline their preventive and reactive maintenance, and operate more efficiently. 

What is Samsara?

Samsara is digitizing the world of physical operations with its Connected Operations Cloud™ platform. This platform enables organizations that depend on physical operations – spanning transportation, construction, field services, and more – to harness Internet of Things (IoT) data and develop actionable insights that improve their safety, efficiency, and sustainability. With tens of thousands of customers across North America and Europe, Samsara is a proud technology partner to the people who keep our global economy running. 

Where Limble comes in

Limble brings robust maintenance management functionality to the actionable insights Samsara provides. Maintenance managers using Limble can manage all maintenance tasks in a single mobile-friendly platform, track parts and vendors associated with maintenance work, and report on the maintenance metrics that matter most. This complements the detailed vehicle information captured in Samsara. Users of both platforms can incorporate important data from Samsara into their maintenance management platform. 

Benefits of the Samsara Limble integration

This integration empowers mutual customers to connect their Samsara IoT sensors with Limble CMMS, automating PM task creation and work orders, and ensuring consistent vehicle asset information across both platforms.

Up-to-date asset data

Samsara sensor data automatically integrates into Limble where it is stored on the asset record. This includes the vehicle name, license plate, VIN, model, odometer miles, and engine hours. Edits made in one system will automatically be reflected in the other, ensuring quick and easy access to accurate information in either system. Automatic data transfer reduces the need for redundant manual data entry and improves overall data integrity.

Automatic PM generation

As Samsara captures real-time vehicle and asset data – such as odometer miles and engine hours – these values are updated in Limble and can be used to automatically trigger preventive maintenance tasks. Limble users can determine the thresholds for these PMs and automatically assign them to technicians to ensure they are completed on time.

Streamlined work order management 

Work Orders and maintenance activities are synched between both systems. When a defect is identified during a Driver-Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) in Samsara, a work order is initiated in Limble automatically. Updates to the status of the work order are reflected in both systems.

Who should use the Samsara and Limble integration?

Transportation & Logistics companies and organizations managing fleet will benefit from streamlined data sharing and automated workflows.

Limble customers can now use data from Samsara, including engine hours, odometer miles, and DVIR defects to automate maintenance workflows, reducing manual administrative work, ensuring timely maintenance work completion, and enhancing reporting across your operations. Maintenance teams leveraging this integration can optimize their maintenance operations while spending less time managing data across multiple systems.

The role of tech integrations in operations and maintenance management

The future of maintenance management and logistics is a connected system of technology solutions. Software providers who invest in integration partnerships are better positioned to ensure their customers’ long-term success in an evolving business environment. Here’s why:

Seamless experience across specialized platforms

The best software solution is one that is based on deep, specialized knowledge of the function and industry it serves. But siloed solutions can increase manual work and lead to data discrepancies.  

Integrations are the solution. They allow different software platforms to share information in real-time. With integrations, you do not need to choose between specialized, highly functional software, and data efficiency. You can choose the right software for your needs and still get the benefit of a seamless experience.

Built and maintained by the provider

Many software solutions are getting better at offering open APIs. An API or Application Programming Interface is a software feature that allows one system to talk to and share data with another. However, using an open API to integrate systems can require extensive IT resources from the user. 

Integration partnerships such as the one shared by Samsara and Limble are pre-built and ready to use. The software providers adopt the responsibility of maintaining and updating the integration over time to provide the best user experience. 

How to learn more

If you’re using Samsara and would like to learn more about how Limble can streamline your maintenance operations our team is happy to help! Drop your information below and we’ll be in touch.

If you’re already using both Limble and Samsara, and would like to learn more about leveraging this integration, please reach out to [email protected]

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