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predictive maintenance analytics

Ultimate Guide to Predictive Maintenance Analytics

As we dive into the environment of Industry 4.0, predictive maintenance analytics become a critical part of every successful maintenance plan. At this point, maintenance must do more than simply prevent downtimes of individual assets. With the power of machine […]

January 15 2021

predictive maintenance tools

5 Best Predictive Maintenance Tools

Looking to get a better understanding of what are the predictive maintenance tools that you can use to streamline your maintenance plan? To remain competitive in today’s market, organizations must guarantee efficiency and uptime for every machine in the facility. […]

January 15 2021

7 Benefits of Predictive Maintenance

Not sure whether you should invest in a predictive maintenance program? This article will cover the benefits of predictive maintenance and everything you will need to know in order to make this decision. Most asset management strategies include both preventive […]

January 15 2021

Oil and Gas Predictive Maintenance

Ultimate Guide to Oil and Gas Predictive Maintenance

Interested in learning about the impact of predictive maintenance within the oil and gas industry? Over the last 20 years, predictive maintenance strategies have been largely deployed in the oil and gas industry. Since this industry has a cyclical and […]

January 15 2021

Predictive maintenance guide

A Complete Guide To Predictive Maintenance

What is the minimal amount of maintenance work you need to perform to keep assets in peak operating condition and avoid unexpected equipment breakdowns?  It is a challenging question, one that can only be answered with the help of predictive […]

January 15 2021

free maintenance ticketing system

How To Set Up A Free Maintenance Ticketing System [Templates Included]

Every business, no matter how big or small, has to deal with a certain level of operational issues. More often than not, those operational issues are a direct consequence of malfunctioning or broken physical assets and infrastructure. Be it a […]

January 7 2021

How to Create a Preventive Maintenance Plan for Machines

Every piece of equipment in your company requires regular maintenance for smooth operations. Many companies only focus on reactive maintenance; however, a growing number of organizations are now developing a preventive maintenance plan for machines. Preventive maintenance helps with the […]

December 3 2020

Hotel Preventive Maintenance Checklist Template

Hotels see some of the highest foot traffic of any establishment. The constant coming and going as well as facility usage tend to wear out various installed systems and cause equipment failure. Preventing this requires a plan of action, namely […]

December 3 2020

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  • Jan 11

    Great product at a great price

    "Terrific customer service, easy to use, and at a great value. Our old Maintenance software was very difficult to use and was very expensive."

    Jul 10

    Great user friendly product

    "Love the fact that the product can be used on my phone, tablet, and laptop. It also has made several updates to make an even better product."

    Sept 6

    The best value available in CMMS Software

    "This software is very easy to use. All CMMS suppliers say that, but I found this one to be exactly that. This software, in my opinion, is the best value out there in the CMMS world. My team of maintenance techs got on board quickly and loves the app. Anytime you can get 8 of 8 maintenance techs to get on board, you have a winner."

  • Nov 21

    Awesome Product with REAL support!

    "Our team reviewed & demoed 6 different CMMS companies and the decision was easy! The functionality was extremely easy, but still provides the analytics needed to track our companies time and money spent on maintenance. Their support is top-notch! I've dealt with numerous software companies in my position and can tell you, you will not find one better!"

    Jan 30

    Perfect for my business

    "I run a coffee equipment service company and Limble is great for everything we do. We can store all of our assets and equipment and access it easily with a comprehensive list of all the work done on the equipment. Limble is by far the best CMMS on the market and I wouldn't dream of using anything else."

    Jan 18

    Limble is the best thing to happen to this company

    "Limble does such a good job at keeping track of what's been done and letting me know when and what I need to do next."

    I'm amazed with the functionality & customer service

    "Executive summary software produces to give me a snapshot of where each contact center is at in preventative maintenance on critical building assets."

    Aug 09

    Great time saver

    "On average, [Limble] saves me an hour to two hours a day, depending on the workload. The biggest thing for me is being able to do things on my phone, on the fly."

    Nov 07

    Very easy to use, functionality is great

    "I can track my inventory and it sends me emails when I'm running low on an item. Also that I can track how much time I'm spending on certain jobs over an extended period of time."

  • Dec 03

    It just works

    "Honestly - the customer support has been fabulous. We had a minor feature request that was deployed within 24 hours - which is unheard of. Even better when you consider our business is located in a completely different time zone (somewhere in Australia). Limble is quite intuitive and I love the ability to have assets nested within each other."

    Aug 10

    I spent a long time evaluating systems I'm so glad I chose Limble

    "Limble is super easy to use. For technicians receiving work orders, it requires almost no training. The app makes it quick and easy to create work orders (with pictures) from your phone. PM's are also very easy to set up. Limble is also the least expensive."

    Jan 30

    Great for smaller or larger facilities

    "We haven't fully integrated Limble yet but we are already seeing improvements in our efficiency. As we fully integrate Limble we expect to see more benefits and increase our response and completion times. The customer support has been outstanding. The Limble team is very quick to respond to any questions and they are very open to suggestions."