Why Limble?

Don't take our word for it. Just read what some of our customers have to say.

What our customers have to say

Limble CMMS - Little Giant Ladder Systems
"Limble is amazing. It has revolutionized the way we handle repairs and upkeep of our assets and facilities. We not only can keep track of work that has been done on each asset, but we are also able to track cost associated with the asset itself. Our maintenance work is now on a recurring schedule that helps to keep assets running properly with less down time and also adds accountability to our team. Any repairs needed to be made to facilities are reported via alerts on workers smart device in real time enabling quick response to situation. We love the ease of navigating through the software; information is laid out neatly without congestion on screen and tabs are identified by relevant icons. Limble has highly improved the way our maintenance team operates, which in turn has an large effect on the way our production and business as a whole operates too. Thank you Limble."

Ethan Closson - Little Giant Ladder Systems
Limble CMMS customer Sommer Metalcraft
"Wow. You guys are amazing... your software really one-up's the competition. I've found several with some of the functionality, but much clunkier designs. I reviewed 16 CMMS packages, and yours was an easy choice. Thank you again. Well done."

Loren Overby - Sommer Metalcraft
Limble CMMS customer IHG
"Limble has changed the way that my team works. We are more efficient and better able to explain expenditures. We can track not only our PM cycles but also the costs associated with them. "

Benjamin Scott - Facility Manager - Intercontinental Hotel Group
Limble CMMS customer Fibernet
"Overall, great service and features, for the incredible value. Would HIGHLY recommend. I love the ease of use and the mobile portion of the software. QR codes make it easy for our technicians to create Work Order's. Brian, our adviser has walked us through the implementation of the software and has helped make it easy."

Nathan Graeber - Fibernet, Inc.
Limble CMMS United Disposal
"We use Limble as a fleet/asset management tool and we couldn't be happier. The software is simple to use yet boasts a useful complexity if you need it. The company is amazing to work with and is more responsive to our needs than I could ever have hoped. The pricing has been great for an expanding small company. Finally, we even used the software to overcome some ADOT requirements, which made a potentially large problem simple and non-existent. Limble as a software solution has been exactly what we needed for our situation. I expect to use it to improve my company for many years to come."

Jared Nickle - Owner - United Disposal

How you can benefit

Stop putting out fires and do real maintenance work

Modern Maintenance On-The-Go

Empower every member of your team, regardless of where they are, with the full power of a CMMS. Access asset information, view work that needs to be done, complete work orders and PMs, diagnose problems, and so much more.

Longer Lasting Assets

Everyone knows implementing a PM plan greatly increases your asset's life, however, executing a PM plan off of excel sheets can be a nightmare. Limble CMMS automates most of the work giving the right PMs to the right people at the right time.

Greater Maintenance Visibility

Put your data to work. Know what asset is costing you the most and why, where your maintenance time is being spent, how much downtime has occurred and so much more.

Asset Work Histories

Know what work has occurred on what and why. Gathering this information helps you make those key business decisions such as should I replace this asset or continue to maintain it?

Improved Accountability

Having a system in place that automatically tracks who is assigned one increases accountability across your entire organization. Work is no longer "lost" or "forgotten".

Quick Implementation

Get started in minutes and see a tangible return within weeks. Most Limble customers see a return on their investment within two weeks to two months.

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Make work enjoyable again.

Our Vision

Be the all encompassing maintenance strategy

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