Standard Operating Procedure

Standard Operating Procedure: The Secret To A Fail-proof SOP

No one is going to claim that McDonald’s makes the world’s best burger. Why, then, can it sell $50 million burgers a day? Because it can deliver the same burger everywhere, every time. That is the magic of a standard […]

June 11 2021

How To Create And Manage Operation And Maintenance Manuals

How To Create And Manage Operation And Maintenance Manuals

Managing and maintaining large facilities is not an easy task. People and machines have to work in unison to deliver expected results. Operation and maintenance manuals help us standardize a variety of business activities to minimize operational disruptions and keep […]

May 31 2021

Troubleshootingn 101

5 Steps to Troubleshooting That Will Fix Just About Anything

Everything breaks eventually. When rebooting doesn’t solve the problem, we brainstorm causes and test them to find the issue. That is troubleshooting in a nutshell. This article looks at: What troubleshooting is Some common causes How to streamline the process […]

May 28 2021

How to Calculate and Extend Useful Life of Asset

Determining the Useful Life of Assets and 5 Ways to Extend it

All physical assets are subject to aging and deterioration. Buildings decay and crumble, while machinery loses its functionality through wear and tear. To minimize the fallout from major breakdowns and postpone expensive asset replacements, it is only natural that businesses […]

May 25 2021

What is Fault Tree Analysis and How to Perform it

What is Fault Tree Analysis and How to Perform it

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you had the power to look into the future and identify failures in your system before they happen? What a superpower that would be! Lucky for you, you don’t need superpowers. You have Fault Tree […]

May 13 2021

Improve Maintenance Planning and Scheduling with a CMMS

Improve Maintenance Planning and Scheduling with a CMMS

Anyone who’s ever single-handedly tried to prepare Thanksgiving dinner knows that pulling off any major project won’t work without a plan. Maintenance works the same way. Maintenance planning and scheduling is the core of setting up an effective maintenance program. […]

June 4 2021

What Is A Maintenance Report And How To Ensure Its Accuracy

Maintenance Report Excellence: The Right Tools and Data for Accuracy

How many filters did we use last month? Have our MTTR and MTBF improved after the last procedure update? What is our planned maintenance percentage? How much money did we spend on the repair of that conveyor belt? All of […]

May 28 2021

The Ins and Outs of a Maintenance Contract

What Should Be In Your Maintenance Contract (And Why)

Maintenance plays a crucial role in establishing smooth business operations at every facility. Businesses that can’t (or don’t want to) take care of their physical assets directly will outsource their maintenance work. And you can’t do that without signing some […]

May 26 2021

Maintenance Planner Job Description, Training, Salary

Maintenance Planner: Job Description, Training, Salary

Maintenance management is all about the hundreds (or thousands) of small tasks that need to be performed to keep assets in good operating condition. For organizations with a substantial asset portfolio, managing equipment maintenance is a job for an organized […]

May 18 2021

Defining Productive Efficiency

Defining Productive Efficiency: How to Calculate and Improve it

In manufacturing, the stakes are just too high not to use your resources wisely. Everyone must continuously do more with less. So how do you know if you are using your limited resources to their fullest potential? Productive efficiency is […]

May 6 2021

Limble Ranked #1 by maintenance experts in the field

G2 - Best Usability 2021G2 - Users Most Likely to Recommend 2021G2 - Best Est. ROI 2021G2 - Easiest to do Business With 2021
> <
  • Nov 07
    5 Star Rating

    Very easy to use, functionality is great

    "I can track my inventory and it sends me emails when I'm running low on an item. Also that I can track how much time I'm spending on certain jobs over an extended period of time."

    Dec 19
    5 Star Rating

    Very easy to use, access

    "I like the price, the fact I can see it on my phone or the computer. I like that it is internet-based."

    Dec 03
    5 Star Rating

    It just works

    "Honestly - the customer support has been fabulous. We had a minor feature request that was deployed within 24 hours - which is unheard of. Even better when you consider our business is located in a completely different time zone (somewhere in Australia). Limble is quite intuitive and I love the ability to have assets nested within each other."

  • Jan 30
    5 Star Rating

    Great for smaller or larger facilities

    "We haven't fully integrated Limble yet but we are already seeing improvements in our efficiency. As we fully integrate Limble we expect to see more benefits and increase our response and completion times. The customer support has been outstanding. The Limble team is very quick to respond to any questions and they are very open to suggestions."

    Jan 18
    5 Star Rating

    Limble is the best thing to happen to this company

    "Limble does such a good job at keeping track of what's been done and letting me know when and what I need to do next."

    Jan 11
    5 Star Rating

    Great product at a great price

    "Terrific customer service, easy to use, and at a great value. Our old Maintenance software was very difficult to use and was very expensive."

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