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Advanced Indoor Resources (AIR) LLC is a mechanical services start-up located in Baltimore, Maryland. Launching in April 2021, their mission is to provide a new generation of HVAC, plumbing, and building automations to commercial properties in Baltimore and the surrounding counties. Their use of cutting-edge technologies, like Limble, differentiates them from their competitors. Through this, they’re able to empower their technicians and provide transparency and real-time communication to their clients.

The Challenge

Advanced Indoor Resources (AIR) LLC wanted to do something innovative. They knew technology existed that could streamline maintenance services and improve transparency for customers. But what if they took that a step further and used that technology as the foundation for a new kind of maintenance service?

In order to provide the service they wanted, they needed technology that could provide several efficiencies. 

  • Transparency in the form of dashboards for customers and staff
  • Communication and work order management efficiencies that could keep costs low
  • An easy-to-use system that kept staff stress-free and ready for interactions with customers

``Limble is really the center of our business model.``

Bob Maloney, Senior Account Manager

The Solution

AIR LLC worked with Limble to build their operating model around the technology that differentiates them from their competitors. The result was a degree of transparency and efficiency that offered higher satisfaction for their customers as well as significant cost savings.

The Customer Benefit

With Limble, AIR LLC creates customized dashboards for their clients and better prepares technicians be efficient when they arrive. When technicians show up with the equipment and knowledge they need for each job, it saves the client both time and money.

The Employee Benefit

Limble also helps AIR LLC prioritize their employee experience. “Anything we can do to reduce work-stress for our technicians is a huge thing for us,” Martin Knott, President says. With Limble, the employees are not only able to have all the information at their fingertips, but it is also easy to use. This helps them work more effectively and efficiently.

The Result

AIR LLC achieved almost $5 million in sales during its first year of business and is poised for further growth. “There’s not a sales conversation that doesn’t include our Limble capabilities,” says Bob Maloney, Senior Account Manager. “We utilize the platform as a way to show individuals that we’re technologically savvy and we have command of their information.”

Access to all that information helps AIR technicians minimize repair time by being prepared with correct the information and necessary parts in advance. Also, having the job information visible to customers helps them stay informed and manage their expenses more easily. This contributes significantly to customer satisfaction. 

As the company continues to grow and innovate, they plan on utilizing Limble even more and getting every benefit from it they can.

``Anybody out there looking to differentiate themselves in the marketplace, Limble is a software that can do that.``

Martin Knott, President

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