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The Company

Rent Right is a family-run equipment rental business serving southern Tennessee.  It was founded in 1978 and primarily worked with construction companies, providing equipment rentals and services.  Over the years, as equipment ownership became more attainable for construction professionals with the growth of big-box home improvement stores, their business shifted to more unique and expensive equipment like skid steers, grinders, mowers, bobcats, and mini-excavators.  They also began serving more and more homeowners working on DIY home improvements. 

Because of their connection to their small local community, they strongly emphasize values like customer service and the cleanliness and reliability of their equipment. It is what differentiates them from their big-box competitors.

The Challenge

When Sarah Adams joined the team as the Project Coordinator for Rent Right, they relied on paper and pencil to keep track of their equipment. There was no centrally accessible source for maintenance records or manuals, making it difficult to know which equipment was serviced and ready to be rented. 

Before Limble, 20-25% of Sarah’s day was spent measuring and documenting work to keep track of rentals and their condition. Sometimes, she would spend hours tracking down correct model numbers and manuals within paper files to get the mechanics the information they needed. 

The trusted head mechanic first brought up the need for a maintenance system, which made advocating for the software much easier. But there was still some convincing to do to justify the expense. Sarah knew a maintenance system could improve their service and ability to turn around business faster. She just needed to find the right software and learn how it could be applied to their business.

The Solution

Sarah started from scratch with an internet search for the “best maintenance software.” She liked what she saw on Limble and requested a demo. From the very beginning, Sarah noticed how knowledgeable and helpful the sales and customer service staff were at Limble. Sarah’s Limble representative, Aniston, helped her estimate their potential ROI and develop a presentation that successfully made the case for purchasing the software.

Implementation was quick.  In the end, Sarah was surprised to find that she could do much of it on her own. They chose Limble in November, trained in December, and launched the system by the new year.

“It was so easy - so user-friendly - I was able to transition everything I wanted to do into Limble by myself without any instruction. Of course, my rep was there to help, but it was just so easy.”

Sarah Adams, Project Coordinator

Of course, it wasn’t without its challenges.  Many mechanics struggled to get accustomed to regularly using technology. Staff complained of forgotten passwords, extra steps, and even dirty phones after using them with hands covered in grease and motor oil. But they began embracing it when Sarah showed them how Limble could save time and report how much work they were accomplishing in a day. Younger front-office staff who were more tech-savvy helped familiarize others with the ins and outs of daily technology use, building bridges between departments.

They now refer to BJ, their CSM, by name, and everyone knows who he is. He has helped train over video calls, and they consider him a helpful resource and part of their team.

“The implementation has been significant - fast, furious, and fun and the knowledgeable folks on the Limble side have helped me get it done. I don’t feel like I’m on an island by myself.”

Sarah Adams, Project Coordinator

The Results

Limble has helped Rent Right deliver the service that differentiates them from their competitors. They can turn equipment around quicker and communicate better when a piece of machinery goes down. 

Sarah needs to stay aware of what equipment is down and why and get status updates and repair timelines.  The alerts and communication functions make the process smoother, allowing for quick execution of workflows like ordering parts or deploying a mechanic to get a repair started.

“It has changed my life because I can be anywhere and see what we need to work on next. It is a way for me to organize what I do.”

Sarah Adams, Project Coordinator

It wasn’t long before they were using Limble to help expand their business to include new offerings like mower service and repair.  Their dedicated Customer Success Manager, BJ, helped brainstorm ways Rent Right could use Limble to support these new services. They use it to track KPIs like billable hours and turnaround time. And their CSM continues to find new ways to encourage their adoption and optimization so they can get the most out of the system. 

After a year, Sarah cannot believe how much progress has been made with the help of Limble. “We are much further along than I thought we would be.” The attitude has changed. The team sees the results. From resistance, the team has started seeing Limble as a tool that can help them do more. When the team brainstorms an idea for how to improve a system or process, they look to Limble to get it done.

Limble has enabled Rent Right’s differentiating value of customer service. Coordinating and accessing maintenance histories and other critical asset information makes the customer response process easier for everyone. “I’m just trying to move things forward with technology. Paper and pencil were always what we used, but today is a new day, and you have to grow.”

“As a small business, we have to merge knowledge and technology, and Limble has allowed us to do that…Limble is a game changer.”

Sarah Adams, Project Coordinator

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