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One of the world’s leading drugstore chains completes 90% of work on time after gaining flexibility and support with Limble.

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Rite Aid is one of the world’s leading drugstore chains with nearly 2,500 stores across the United States. More than 1,000 of those stores are served by their flagship East Coast distribution center in Maryland — a warehouse that spans 1 million square feet. Their maintenance team of 30 technicians is responsible for keeping the warehouse running smoothly so the stores they support have inventory to sell.

The Challenge

Rite Aid was using Maximo as their CMMS but they found it to be outdated, inflexible, and expensive. It could only be customized to their unique needs by hiring expensive third-party consultants. 

They also struggled with delays and repeat work because they could not access information about equipment while they were working on it. And Maximo’s outdated and overly complex interface made it difficult to use for the staff. 

The combination of these challenges lead to significant inefficiencies and frustrations within the maintenance team. Donny Craven, Assistant to the Director of Facilities, knew there was a better way. He and his team initiated a search that could give them the basic features they needed. 

  • A mobile interface that was easy to learn and use.
  • A customizable system that had the ability to support their sizeable operation.
  • Customer service and support resources within budgetary reach.

“If we wanted a feature, we knew Limble could help us create it.”

Donny Craven, Assistant to the Director of Facilities

The Solution

With Limble, Rite Aid gained a CMMS so flexible and user-friendly, the team can implement their own customizations. They also gained dedicated customer service support to act as an extension of their own team — at no additional cost.

In addition, Limble has a mobile app that is as comprehensive and easy-to-use as the desktop version — it even works without wi-fi.

The Result

Limble empowered Rite Aid’s team to transition from reactive to preventive maintenance, earning them numerous benefits. They are now completing 90% of their work on time which is a dramatic improvement over their operations with Maximo. 

This was all possible because the team was able to create automations that matched their workflow and unique needs. All their information is centralized in one always-available location — Limble. They are more efficient and have trusted customer support when they need it. No matter where a team member is, they’ll have all the information they need at their fingertips.

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