Easy-to-Use Preventive Maintenance Software

Preventive maintenance can help you reduce unexpected breakdowns, control maintenance costs, and streamline maintenance operations.
Limble’s cloud-based CMMS gives your team the tools to make preventive maintenance management easier than ever.



Build an effective Preventive Maintenance Program

With Limble, building a preventive maintenance plan is as easy as creating and completing work orders because preventive maintenance is built into a powerful work order management functionality.

  • Easily set up preventive maintenance templates for standardized maintenance workflows. Attach SOPs, checklists, and photos of parts or assets so technicians can access information quickly — even from their mobile device.
  • Automate preventive maintenance scheduling and assign tasks to the right technician for the right asset at the right time. Set up your PM schedule for each asset once, and technicians receive email and push notifications from Limble’s mobile app.
  • View PM schedules and maintenance activities in real-time on an easy-to-read calendar. Set task priority and re-assign maintenance tasks with just a few clicks to manage your team effectively and efficiently.
  • Track completion rates on PMs and work orders to understand the scope of all your maintenance work in one place. See PM completion rates, repair dates, follow-up tasks, maintenance costs, and more in one simple view.
  • Simplify your maintenance work request process. Guests can create work requests through an easy-to-access portal, which creates tasks that automatically populate on your maintenance calendar.

The thing that I loved the most right from the start was the ease of use of the Limble software. The customization options available when setting up PM’s are great. I love the flexibility it gives to tailor each preventive maintenance task to exactly what your needs are.

– Richard Dunaway, Maintenance Manager, Newman Gasket

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Track assets and optimize performance with Preventive Maintenance Software

Including preventive maintenance in your asset management strategy can help you reduce costs and downtime, and extend the lifecycle of your equipment.

  • Create asset hierarchies to keep your equipment logs organized. Store asset performance and history for each piece of equipment in one place as the one source of truth.
  • Easily generate barcodes for each asset to make asset tracking simple. With Limble, each asset gets a unique QR code to make locating the right piece of equipment quick and easy.
  • Use performance KPIs to reduce reactive maintenance and increase equipment uptime. With Limble you can track downtime hours on an asset, response to repair time, and more.
  • Optimize PM scheduling and equipment maintenance with data. Set the right maintenance schedule for each asset using automatically generated insights and maintenance data.
  • Calculate maintenance costs for each asset. Track cost on labor and parts for each asset to understand how it fits into your budget.

Limble Customer - Little Giant PM tasks were created for each type of equipment and were easily copied to similar assets on different lines. After about a month of using Limble we could start to see our maintenance trends on the graphs. Additional PMs were created to counter the trends and we actually witnessed a drop in our downtime. After using it for over a year, I can say that Limble is a maintenance solution that’s paying for itself and worth every area of implementation.

– Ben Jackson, Maintenance Manager, Little Giant Ladder Systems

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Automatically collect maintenance data and visualize with Custom Dashboards

Limble’s maintenance management software automatically collects critical maintenance data so you can cut out the guesswork in your maintenance operations and focus on upkeep.

  • Collect maintenance metrics like MTTR & MTBF just by completing PMs and work orders. No extra effort required on your part. You can analyze this data to optimize maintenance schedules and keep your maintenance team’s efforts focused.
  • View reports that are automatically generated and updated based on your needs. Use custom dashboard to help with parts inventory management, purchase orders, task completion rates, budget optimization, and more.
  • Easily share reports in a format that’s most helpful to you. Create reports that are easily exported to spreadsheets, PDFs, or shared within Limble.

Limble Customer - Unilever I started using Limble after trying out many other off the shelf CMMS software and I quickly fell in love with the ease of use, intuitiveness yet the power this tool provided me and my team. The ability to see automatically generated and customized reports meant that I could choose whether I wanted to see things at a micro level or a macro one, or both of them together.

– Mohammad Hassaan Akram, Factory & Maintenance Manager, Unilever

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Limble Ranked #1 by maintenance experts in the field

G2 - Best Usability 2021G2 - Users Most Likely to Recommend 2021G2 - Best Est. ROI 2021G2 - Easiest to do Business With 2021
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  • Nov 07
    5 Star Rating

    Very easy to use, functionality is great

    "I can track my inventory and it sends me emails when I'm running low on an item. Also that I can track how much time I'm spending on certain jobs over an extended period of time."

    Dec 19
    5 Star Rating

    Very easy to use, access

    "I like the price, the fact I can see it on my phone or the computer. I like that it is internet-based."

    Dec 03
    5 Star Rating

    It just works

    "Honestly - the customer support has been fabulous. We had a minor feature request that was deployed within 24 hours - which is unheard of. Even better when you consider our business is located in a completely different time zone (somewhere in Australia). Limble is quite intuitive and I love the ability to have assets nested within each other."

  • Jan 30
    5 Star Rating

    Great for smaller or larger facilities

    "We haven't fully integrated Limble yet but we are already seeing improvements in our efficiency. As we fully integrate Limble we expect to see more benefits and increase our response and completion times. The customer support has been outstanding. The Limble team is very quick to respond to any questions and they are very open to suggestions."

    Jan 18
    5 Star Rating

    Limble is the best thing to happen to this company

    "Limble does such a good job at keeping track of what's been done and letting me know when and what I need to do next."

    Jan 11
    5 Star Rating

    Great product at a great price

    "Terrific customer service, easy to use, and at a great value. Our old Maintenance software was very difficult to use and was very expensive."


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  • Limble Customer - Red Hawk Casino

    Red Hawk Casino - Casino

    "No matter what CMMS you’re going to try, there is always a learning curve. The difference between Limble and the 4 to 5 different ones that we tried prior to Limble, was the learning curve was extremely short. We spent 10 to 15 Minutes with our team and they found Limble very familiar, very intuitive..."
    - Mike Cruz, Facility System Manager

    Limble Customer - Myriad Genetics

    Myriad Genetics - Facilities

    "It was really neat to see the maintenance staff start embracing what we were doing. It only took, really, a week or so for the maintenance staff to get the hang of the software. Since then ... I’ve seen an increase in productivity by about 20-30%
    - Joe Romero, Director of Facilities

  • Limble CMMS Customer - Unilever

    Unilever - Manufacturing

    "I have tried and tested at least 5 different CMMS systems before trying Limble, and I must say ... There are [3] features that will make me recommend this to anyone: the robustness of the system, and ease of use, and the customer service."
    - Mohammad Hassaan Akram, Factory Manager

    Cal State University

    "We had a CMMS before it was combersome to do tasks... It led us to see what else is out there... When you get Limble you get everything. All our Techs tried and choose Limble."
    - Rick Boggs, Cal State University

  • Limble Customer - Olympus Group

    Red Hawk - Casino

    "Literally we’ve been testing different companies and see where what one would be best for what we are doing. The day we hooked into Limble it literally was plug and play. It was just Go! The Easiest one we’ve found so far...."
    - Brian Coats - Electrician

    Limble Customer - Olympus Group

    Midwest Material - Steel

    "We were losing something around a million dollars a year just in maintenance... We wanted something that was easy to use and help us achieve the goal... It has really been fantastic to help smooth communication... Our Maintenance did a 180 ever since using Limble!"
    - Roarke Baldwin, Process Improvement Engineer

  • Limble CMMS Customer - Unilever

    Myrid - Genetics

    "The first day I was shown Limble, I was like wow! This is a very simple program on the user side. So I think this will work. It has so far for us. I love it!"
    - Eloy Ramos, Maintenance Technician

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