Vendor Management

Track your Vendors, control your spend and streamline the Vendor relationship



Contracting outside Vendors can be a big hassle. Keeping track of their contact information, invoices, work history, and schedules, not to mention ensuring that the actual work gets done, can involve a lot of paperwork, spreadsheets, and headaches.

With Limble CMMS, Vendors can be fully and seamlessly integrated into your maintenance system. You can automatically receive the same data from a Vendor that you would from a member of your own maintenance team, making managing outside Vendors as easy as managing your own team.

With Limble’s Vendor management capabilities, you can

  •  Store all Vendor information (names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, contract, etc.) within your CMMS system
  •  Associate Vendors to Assets they maintain or Parts they supply
  •  Automatically maintain a record of a Vendor’s time, Parts used, Invoices, and other desired data
  •  Maintain an all-time history of all Work Orders that the Vendor has completed for your company
  •  Gain insights into the amount you are spending on the Vendor
  •  Simplify communication with your Vendor through detailed instructions, Limble comments and automated email notifications

And streamline workflow by externally sharing Work Orders straight to Vendors

  •  Work Orders from Limble CMMS can be shared directly with your Vendor with one of your team able to oversee and approve the Vendor’s work
  •  The Vendor can receive instructions on exactly what to do, log what they did with comments and pictures, and finally attach their invoice straight to the Work Order
  •  Once the Vendor finishes working on your Work Order, notifications are automatically sent to your team to finalize the Work Order

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