G2 Spring Report 2024: Limble Earns 100+ Badges and Tops Numerous CMMS Lists

The arrival of spring means warmer weather, longer days, and the latest iteration of G2’s Spring Report. Earlier this year, rave reviews from customers helped Limble earn a spot alongside household names like Microsoft and Salesforce on G2’s list of Highest Satisfaction products. Though the list included plenty of impressive providers, Limble stood out as the lone CMMS or Asset Management solution recognized.

This year’s Spring Report brings more good news. Customers continue offering rave reviews and sharing their success stories. From enterprise customers to small businesses, they’ve helped Limble both climb the ranks and expand into new categories. Limble earned 123 total badges and 27 number-one placements, solidifying its position as the preferred solution for modern maintenance teams.

G2 reports: honoring the best in software

Before we dive into Limble’s impressive performance, here’s some background info on the awards G2 hands out each quarter. 

  • Index reports: G2’s various Index Reports focus on different factors in the software purchasing process. There are four different types of index reports: the Implementation Index, the Results Index, the Usability Index, and the Relationship Index
  • Grid reports: G2 Grids place solutions on a quadrant, rating them for both Market Presence and Customer Satisfaction. Different Grids focus on specific regions and specific types of target customers (Small Business, Mid-Market, and Enterprise). The upper-right quadrant is for Leaders, those organizations with both a high market presence and great scores for customer satisfaction. Momentum Grids focus on innovators, assigning momentum scores across their x-axes.

The preferred CMMS: Limble’s badges and customer ratings

This quarter, Limble appears on more Grids and Index reports than ever. Here’s a look at some categories where we came out on top.

Limble topped three of the four Index Reports for CMMS platforms and finished in a close second on the Implementation Index. 

CMMS Index Reports

Limble dominated the CMMS reports, earning the #1 spot across all four Index Reports for both small and mid-market businesses. Among Enterprise customers, Limble is considered a more user-friendly platform than competitors and scored especially well for usability. A growing number trust Limble to transform their maintenance operations and empower the function to serve as a strategic ally. Limble’s growing stature among industry leaders is reflected in its appearance on all four Enterprise Index Reports. 

Across all types of customers, CMMS earned the highest scores for relationships, usability, and results. 

The Results Index takes into account the estimated ROI of solutions, its ability to meet customer requirements, and the likelihood that customers would recommend the product.

  • Overall: Limble ranked #1 with a score of 9.07
  • Small-Business: Limble ranked #1 with a score of 9.17
  • Mid-Market:  Limble ranked #1 with a score of 9.02

Limble outscored all competitors on G2’s latest CMMS Results Index.

The Usability Index rates solutions based on factors including their ease of use and ease of administration.

  • Overall: Limbled ranked #1 with a score of 9.49
  • Small-Business: Limble ranked #1 with a score of 9.61
  • Mid-Market: Limble ranked #1 with a score of 9.41
  • Enterprise: Limble ranked #1 with a score of 8.96

According to verified users and G2’s calculations, Limble is the most usable CMMS on the market.

The Relationship Index presents a score calculated with data related to the quality of customer support, the likelihood that customers would recommend the products, and more.

  • Overall: Limble ranked #1 with a score of 9.84
  • Small-Business: Limble ranked #1 with a score of 9.90
  • Mid-Market: Limble ranked #1 with a score of 9.79

Limble’s world-class product and hands-on customer support helped earn the #1 spot on the latest Relationship Index for CMMS platforms.

The Implementation Index looks at implementation time, user adoption rates, and ease of setup among other factors.

  • Small-Business: Limble ranked #1 with a score of 9.17

Small and Mid-Market businesses rated Limble the top CMMS for implementation, the platform ranked #2 overall.

Limble also topped all four overall Indexes for Predictive Maintenance, claimed the #1 spot on the Momentum Grid for Asset Tracking, and appeared on Index Reports for Asset Tracking, Preventive Maintenance, Knowledge Management, and Standard Operating Procedure software. 


Limble earned a spot among the Leaders in the upper-right quadrant of the latest CMMS Grid. Just four of the 25 solutions reviewed scored well enough to rank in this section. A score of 96 for Satisfaction reaffirms our status as the Highest Satisfaction CMMS on the market. While interpreting Grid reports, remember that review quantity plays the largest role in determining Market Presence scores and also factors into Satisfaction scores. Index Reports are generally more useful than Grids for understanding the quality of user reviews.

Customers love Limble

When it comes to customer satisfaction, Limble sets itself apart from the pack. Where Predictive Maintenance is concerned, Limble scored 91 for satisfaction. That’s more than 20 points higher than the closest competitor. That’s all while gathering by far the most reviews of any provider in the category. 

Simple implementation

From small businesses to global enterprises, customers agree that getting Limble up and running is simple and painless.

Dustin Law, Western Pulp’s Engineering Manager, describes how easy it was to implement Limble and see incredible results. 

Improved relationships

Our commitment to our customers helps them collaborate more effectively and improve their relationships with all types of stakeholders. 

Jon DiBenedetto, Solutions Developer at Grove City College describes how Limble has enhanced student services and improved life on campus. 

Consistent usability

Across industries, Limble’s customers agree that its suite of features and mobile accessibility make it simple to empower managers, technicians, and operators.

Robert Stricklin, Facility Maintenance Supervisor for the city of Lompoc, California, describes the ways Limble has simplified day-to-day operations. 

Impressive results

Limble customers quickly realize the transformative potential of empowering their teams with CMMS technology. 

In just 30 days, Michael Bicanic saw Limble save the team at Family Health La Clinica boost efficiency to save time and money. 

See for yourself

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