State of Manufacturing and Facilities Maintenance

What's inside:

  • The top challenges facing manufacturing and facilities management industry professionals
  • Popular strategies for addressing common maintenance challenges
  • Predictions for the evolution of maintenance in 2024

Download the 2024 State of Manufacturing and Facilities Maintenance Report

Maintenance professionals are having a big impact on their company’s bottom line. As technology advances and market conditions shift, so do the challenges maintenance teams face. 

We surveyed over 250 maintenance professionals to better understand their most pressing pain points and their go-to strategies for addressing them. Our questions dug into both the current state of maintenance and the road ahead. 

Download the 2024 Report to see the survey results and learn how maintenance teams in the manufacturing and facilities sectors are overcoming obstacles and preparing for an exciting future.

Tackle maintenance challenges

Maintenance leaders share their success stories

Watch how others have successfully transformed their operations with Limble's top-rated CMMS.


Why use maintenance software for manufacturers?

Maintenance software streamlines processes, reduces errors and downtime, while enabling informed, data-driven decisions. It also helps with inventory management, lifespan of assets, and assists in meeting regulatory compliance, thereby enhancing overall productivity and profitability.

What do the best CMMS software for manufacturing have in common?

The best CMMS software for manufacturing are user-friendly and provide robust work order management, real-time monitoring, and detailed reporting. They also excel in asset and inventory management, integrate well with other systems, scale with business growth, offer mobile access, and come with strong customer support and training. Learn how Limble’s CMMS software can help you today.

Is Limble Mobile CMMS app user friendly?

Limble is consistently rated Easiest-to-Use CMMS on review sites like G2, Capterra, and Software Advice. And our customers agree. With our mobile CMMS app, teams experience 30%+ better productivity, on average, requiring little to no training or ramp-up time. Our CMMS app can travel with your team, no matter where they go! Visit our App Store or Google Play for more information.

Can I connect to other systems?

Limble provides seamless, pre-built CMMS Integrations with the most widely used software systems. That means no help from a developer or your IT team is required. Learn more about our integrations.

How secure is the Limble CMMS platform?

At Limble, our world-class data security practices ensure your account information is safe. We use state-of-the-art technologies and industry best practices to maintain a secure infrastructure, including SOC-II Type II certification, regular penetration testing, and continuous security training for our staff.

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