Webinar: 5 Effective Strategies to Stay Ahead of Workforce Shortages

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Workforce shortages continue to be a challenge for maintenance departments. A lack of qualified staff hinders efficiency, productivity, product quality, and service by limiting the availability of skilled hands for essential tasks. Overall, workforce shortages can impact an organization’s ability to compete. The burning question then becomes: What’s the best course of action to not just navigate but overcome this challenge? 

Join our webinar as we delve into workforce shortage findings from our recent State of Maintenance in Facilities report. We’ll unveil the top 5 strategies that facility maintenance pros are implementing to overcome this challenge, and leave you with additional strategies you can put into practice right away. 


Sneak peak of topics we cover: 

  • Recruitment and retention
  • Outsourcing
  • Pay and benefits
  • Upskilling
  • Tech Efficiency
  • And more

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About the Speakers

Bryan Christiansen
Founder & CEO, Limble

Bryan is a self-taught full-stack developer turned marketer turned entrepreneur. He started Limble CMMS in 2015. Limble is a larger success than he could have imagined and feels blessed to be their CEO.

John Rimer
President, FM360

John has nearly 30 years of facility management experience in a variety of capacities and industries. He has worked in numerous sectors, including higher education, high-tech, corporate real estate, data centers, healthcare, manufacturing, and public entities. He and his team use their breadth of knowledge and diverse expertise to provide comprehensive consulting and support services.

Erin Vogen
Content Manager, Limble

Erin Vogen has spent her career facilitating change, performance improvement, and technology optimization at growing organizations. She joined Limble two years ago to create high-quality and valuable educational and thought leadership content on those same topics, and facilitated the data gathering and analysis that became the State of Facilities Report our webinar is based on.


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