10 Best Facility Maintenance Training Courses

Looking for the best facility maintenance training courses to help you boost your career? Excellent decision.

With new maintenance tools, resources, regulations, and techniques being constantly developed, facility maintenance professionals must be able to keep evolving along with the profession.

Whether you are an experienced facility manager or are just starting out, enrolling in the right course will help you to grow in your maintenance career.

10 Best Facilities Maintenance Training Courses

Training is crucial for any maintenance professional. The field involves many vital responsibilities, such as handling key machinery directly related to companies’ bottom lines, dealing with risk management responsibilities, and making critical decisions.

But since maintenance roles vary from one another, training programs vary too. There are courses designed to attend experienced facility management professionals, junior professionals, HVAC technicians, electrical maintenance specialists, and more.

If you want to maximize your investment, you have to understand which course works best for you and will help you to achieve your goals.

Let’s go over a list of the best facilities maintenance courses to understand which one is ideal for you:

1. IFMA Essentials of Facilities Management

The Essentials of Facilities Management course consists of a series of three workshops, that can be purchased as a package or separately. The workshops are Introduction to Facility Management, Operations and Maintenance, and Work Management in Facilities. Each workshop offers 10 modules, which cover the basics of facilities management concepts.

This training course is offered by the International Facility Management Association (IFMA), one of the most credible institutions in facilities maintenance management.

It is best for entry-level and transitioning facilities professionals who want to improve their maintenance skillset and gain immediate credibility with employers, clients, and peers.

Price: $510 if you purchase all three parts together

2. Commercial Facilities Maintenance Course by Red Vector

The Commercial Facilities Maintenance course is offered by Red Vector, an organization that has hundreds of online courses that cover all aspects of facilities management.

The commercial facilities maintenance course is directed to professionals who want to develop skills in commercial building systems. This training program is best for individuals with little experience in the field.

If you have basic maintenance knowledge and want to learn how to work more safely, efficiently, how to enhance communication, this course is a good option for you.

Price: You must fill out the form on their site to access pricing information.

3. Facilities Management Online Short Course

This Facilities Management online short course is offered by the University of Cape Town (UCT) to professionals from all over the world.

It covers key components of maintenance management and establishes its place within strategic and operational business matters. In this course, professionals are also introduced to the facilities management life cycle and learn how to design a help desk procedure for unplanned maintenance. Participants are also exposed to the role of technology in facilities management.

This online course is beneficial to established professionals as well as newcomers looking to start a career in facilities management.

Price: The course costs $880

4. AutoCAD Facilities Management

The AutoCAD Facilities Management course is a short program that teaches experienced professionals how to leverage AutoCAD in maintenance work.

In less than three hours, participants get to learn about CAD, 2D drawing, site planning, and computer-aided facilities management.

The self-paced course is taught by Shaun Bryant and with successful completion, participants receive a certificate.

If you are a professional with intermediate experience and want to learn how computer tools can help you improve your facility management skills, this course is for you.

Price: The course costs $44.99, and is offered through the Linkedin Learning platform

5. Facilities Management Certificate Course – ASU

Offered by Arizona State University’s continuing education program, the Facilities Management Course offers critical topics in FM, providing lessons from industry experts.

It is an in-depth, structured program that focuses on the application of best practices for a high-performance, sophisticated FM organization.

It also prepares participants to take the IFMA Certified Facility Manager (CFM) credential exam, which is highly regarded in the maintenance industry.

The course consists of 10 modules, which are taught by a renowned professor, Kenneth Sullivan.

Price: The course costs $9995, but there are customized payment plans, scholarships, and financial aid available.

6. Facilities Management Program by UCI, Irvine

Offered by the University of California’s Division of Continuing Education the Facilities Management program integrates the principles of business administration, architecture, and the behavioral and engineering sciences.

Even though the program is offered by UCI Irvine, it is offered entirely online and includes three required sub-courses.

UCI’s Facilities Management course is designed for professionals who are involved in the management of facilities, electrical systems operations, maintenance operations, or construction. With this course, students obtain valuable insight into the impact of technology on the design and management of efficient facilities.

Price: The course costs $5,236 and it requires a time investment of at least 12 months.

7. Building Maintenance and Management Course by 360 Training

360 Training has served over 4 million learners worldwide, considering all their 6,000 courses in more than 15 industries.

Their training solutions have serviced corporations in the energy industry, process industries, and industrial manufacturing.

The Building Maintenance and Management Course consists of 28 mini-courses, that cover specific topics such as basic HVAC systems maintenance, boiler system controls, cleaning services, elevators repair, basic carpentry, electrical safety, and more. You can complete these mini-courses individually, which allows you to personalize your learning.

Price: The package that includes all the mini-courses costs $195.

8. Fundamentals of Facilities Management by BOMI

The Fundamentals of Facilities Management course is offered by BOMI International, an institution that offers multiple courses and programs for personnel with property management and facility management responsibilities.

This course offers multiple delivery options, including online learning, collaborative virtual learning, accelerated review, or classroom setting, where applicable. As you complete all the course’ competencies successfully, you will receive a certification.

This FM course is ideal for professionals who manage the ongoing operation and maintenance of facilities and want to boost their careers with a credible certification.

Price: This program’s cost varies depending on the course delivery options that the participants choose. You can verify the pricing details here.

9. Facility and Sustainable Building Management by De Anza

The Facility and Sustainable Building Management (FSBM) program, offered by the De Anza community college, focuses on teaching professionals how to make buildings more efficient, sustainable, safe, and cost-effective.

The training course covers 11 core maintenance topics, such as how to maintain sustainable buildings, promote building mechanical systems, plan preventive maintenance, manage building control systems, organize facility budget, understand real estate principles, and more.

Work-based learning and interpersonal skill development are also key components of this program. This training program is best for individuals who want to enroll in a course with a college structure and get prepared for well-paid careers in facilities and sustainable building management.

Price: You must consult the admissions counselor for information about the course’s financial investment

10. Facilities Management by Pryor Learning

The Facilities Management training program offered by Pryor Learning is a two-day online course meant to teach the techniques used by leading facility maintenance managers to create a safe, efficient, and employee-friendly environment.

The first day covers the basics of maintenance workers’ roles and the second day of training dives into the realities of finance and prioritization.

Participants also learn how top facility managers solve problems, deal with crises, and handle complaints. Another interesting point that the course covers is how to decrease stress levels while running a facility more efficiently.

Price: The 2-day course costs $399 per individual but the institution offers group discounts.

Take the Next Step in Your Career

If you are committed to your professional development and to the overall growth of the facilities maintenance profession, investing in knowledge will help you achieve your goals.

Make sure to choose the course considering your career goals and how much time and money you are willing to invest. Some courses offer stronger preparation on technical maintenance know-how while other courses are more focused on maintenance leadership.

If you currently hold a technical position, such as an air conditioning technician, and want to grow in the maintenance field, the next step would be to get a general knowledge of other building systems and learn how to manage both projects and people.

If you already hold a management position, you should look for a course that covers the latest facilities maintenance software and technologies that you can leverage to streamline your existing practices or a course that covers important regulations that are always good to have fresh.

There are also multiple courses designed for industry newcomers. These are excellent for individuals who don’t hold a bachelor’s degree in a maintenance-related field and want to boost their resumes and knowledge base with a maintenance certification.

Regardless of where you are in your maintenance career, there’s a course that can help you to take your career to the next level.

Do your research, and enjoy it!

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