Submissions Open Through July 1st, 2024


Maintenance teams do so much more than repair breakdowns. You keep your facilities and equipment running – maximizing production time and improving customer experiences. We’re excited to launch the Limble Maintenance Hero Awards to highlight outstanding maintenance professionals and give maintenance teams the recognition they deserve. Apply by clicking the category below that best describes your biggest maintenance achievements. 

Proactive Pioneer

This award goes to the maintenance professional revolutionizing their maintenance program with a best-in-class proactive strategy. This is you if you have launched a preventive maintenance program, optimized your PM schedules, increased your planned maintenance percentage, or integrated condition-monitoring sensors with Limble to automate PM scheduling.

Downtime Disrupter

This maintenance professional has made a big impact on their company’s bottom line, reducing unplanned downtime and keeping production running. Recognizing the maintenance hero that has tracked downtime, improved equipment performance, and reduced Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) or increased Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF).

Productivity Powerhouse

Show off your highly productive maintenance team! This award recognizes the maintenance professional that has used Limble to better understand workloads, prioritize and assign tasks, and boost their team’s productivity with a high volume of completed tasks and impressive on-time completion rates across work orders and PMs.

Reporting Revolutionary

The Reporting Revolutionary is taking their company to the next level with maintenance data and analytics. This award celebrates maintenance professionals that are increasing visibility across their organization, and making important data-driven decisions like when to replace vs. repair a piece of equipment or hire a new employee.

Customer Experience Enthusiast

For customer-facing industries, a well-run maintenance program has a big impact on customer satisfaction. This award goes to the maintenance professionals that provide a seamless experience for consumers to submit work requests and who keep their facilities running smoothly to provide the best experience.

Spare Parts Superstar

The Spare Parts Superstar has mastered managing parts inventory. From organizing spare parts to complete tasks more efficiently, to keeping critical spares in stock, this award goes to the maintenance professional eliminating store runs and expedited shipping fees, and forecasting parts usage to optimize ordering.

Innovator Award

This award goes to the maintenance professional that is always striving to level-up their maintenance strategy with new cutting-edge technology. They participate in Limble beta programs, test out new features and products, and collaborate with Limble’s product team to help inform product innovation.

Unsung Hero Award

The Unsung Hero has empowered their team to work more efficiently and be better positioned across the organization as a value-driver. They have overcome personal or professional obstacles to elevate their day-to-day jobs as well as their overall maintenance department.

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