Predictive Maintenance Software (PdM)

Modular IOT Sensor setup that enables real time data collection, analysis and instant corrective action


Modular IOT Predictive Maintenance

  • Plug and play sensor setup.
  • Instant alerts when sensor levels reach unacceptable thresholds.
  • Automatically triggered corrective tasks to your maintenance team when certain thresholds are met.
  • Mundane data entry tasks eliminated.
  • Get real time actionable data that trends over time allowing you to make precise analysis such as root cause analysis.
  • A proof of concept without breaking the bank.
Limble Customer - Sommer Craft Wow. You guys are amazing… your software really one-up’s the competition. I’ve found several with some of the functionality, but much clunkier designs. I reviewed 16 CMMS packages, and Limble was an easy choice. Thank you again. Well done. – Loren Overby, Sommer Metalcraft

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Predictive maintenance software uses sensors embedded in the equipment to help companies to closely monitor their capacity. Predictive maintenance has been proven to be the best maintenance strategy, with a potential ROI in the 10X range; however, you can only get those results if you have a powerful CMMS software in hands.
Taking a proactive approach to asset management significantly increases productivity, reduces equipment downtime, increases workplace safety, and decreases maintenance costs.
Limble CMMS runs on the cloud which means you do not have the headaches of setting up or managing any servers. All you need is access to a mobile device or a browser such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox.
To allow you to test our CMMS software functionalities, we offer a 30-day free trial. Visit our pricing page and select your plan to start.
We would be happy to show you Limble’s platform. You can have a self demo here or you can contact us to hear from a CMMS specialist about how we can address your specific business needs.